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The political and socioeconomic principles and policies of Fidel Castro.

Cas′tro·ist, Cas′tro·ite′ (-īt′) adj. & n.
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(ˈkæs troʊˌɪz əm)

the political, social, and revolutionary theories and policies advocated by Fidel Castro.
Cas′tro•ist, Cas′tro•ite`, n., adj.
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the doctrines and policies of Fidel Castro, communist premier of Cuba.
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Noun1.Castroism - a form of communism developed in Cuba by Fidel Castro
communism - a political theory favoring collectivism in a classless society
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[ˈkæstrəʊɪzəm] Ncastrismo m
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For although the Cuban soldiers could--and (if they survived the war) would--eventually go back to the Caribbean, the narrative context in which they were operating was located within the continuum of their country's historic revolution, which (according to Castroite discourse) had changed their society into one that was, at least officially, anti-racist.
However, it is unlikely that the hostage will do so, considering how avidly he defends the government's actions and how sure he appears in affirming that the massacre was organised by Castroite traitors and foreign agents (Spota 242-49).
As he makes clear in his preface to the revised edition of Introduction to Christianity, Benedict has little regard for the ethos of "May '68," defined as it was by an assault on traditional authority, a loosening of moral bonds, and a simultaneous indulgence toward Communist totalitarianism, particularly of the Castroite and Maoist variety.
DSC coordinated all of BP's defence capabilities in the Casonere oil fields, a conflict zone where one of Colombia's strongest insurgency groups, the Castroite National Liberation Army (ELN), is stationed (Vines 2000: 186).
The populist anticommunism of Belaunde targeted instead local versions of a now diversified communism, including the Trotskyist Hugo Blanco and his peasant movement in Cuzco, the Castroite or Guevarist insurrectionary groups (MIR, ELN) and the Maoist groups (Bandera Roja, Patria Roja).
Castroite ideologists especially spurn what they call the "pseudo-republic" of the 20th century--the state that was the land of promise to my four Spanish maternal great grandparents.
- "Obama's Castroite Allies", on Obama's ties to a Cuban-American activist linked to Castro.
David Tucker is one of the very few American authors in recent years to document and discuss Castroite terrorism during the rise to power, which ended in 1959--something older reports and US congressional hearings used to cover.
He recited Cuban poetry on air and referred to his allies as "los companeros del lucha"--lucha meaning struggle and a recognizable Castroite code word for revolution.
The impact of a world-wide Cold War, the hemispheric response to Castroite revolution, and the adjustment by the oligarchic elites to new economic realities of manufacture and export agriculture in Central America resonated in the universities.
But her documentary strives not to be dismissed as a "Miami exile" film, leading Khuly to explore, then subtly reject, the Castroite perspective.