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 (kə-tān′yə, -tā′nē-ə, kä-tä′nyä)
A city of eastern Sicily, Italy on the Gulf of Catania, an inlet of the Ionian Sea. Founded in the eighth century bc, Catania was a flourishing Greek community and later a Roman colony.


(Italian kaˈtaːnja)
(Placename) a port in E Sicily, near Mount Etna. Pop: 313 110 (2001)


(kəˈtɑn yə)

a seaport in E Sicily. 372,212.
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Recommendation Draw-Catania 1pt 10-3 BetVictor FORM COPPA ITALIA FOURTH ROUND CATANIA -4.15 v CITTADELLA (h) 1-3 Milan (a) 1-1 Juve Stabia (a) 1-3 Palermo (a) 1-3 Padova (h) 2-1 Chievo (h) 2-2 Vicenza (a) 0-0 Cagliari (a) 1-0 Novara (h) 4-0 Lazio (h) 1-1 Brescia (a) 2-2 Udinese (a) 3-0 Spezia Figure after team's name denotes profit (+) or loss (-) to PS1 level stakes on all league matches this season based on best price in Racing Post.
Catania, Sicily Ramadan 6, 1432 H/Aug 6, 2011, SPA -- An overnight eruption by Mount Etna on Saturday prompted Italian authorities to close Catania's Fontanarossa airport for several hours, according to dpa.
Bush, the presumptive GOP presidential nominee, and a dozen gay and lesbian Republicans, Washington, D.C., city councilman David Catania suggested that Rep.
"You can see a star pattern in the brain," explains Catania.
Possible disruptions at Catania Airport in southern Italy were reported early Wednesday after Mount Etna erupted sending ash clouds over the island of Sicily. The crisis unit of the Sac, the company that manages the international airport of Fontanarossa, ordered some restriction on landings, ( local media reported.
DESTINATION CATANIA Currency: Euros ([euro]) - PS1 = [euro]1.11.
A jubilant migrant gestures while disembarking from the Sea Watch 3 after it docked in the Sicilian port of Catania.
CATANIA, Italy, Dec 26 (Reuters) -- An earthquake measuring magnitude 4.8 hit the area north of Catania on the slopes of Mount Etna in Sicily early on Wednesday, causing some damage to buildings and a few injuries, officials said.
Volcanic ash had earlier covered nearby villages, and flights to and from Catania airport had to be halted temporarily.
CATANIA:Italy's Mount Etna, Europe's highest and most active volcano, erupted on Monday, sending a huge column of ash into the sky and causing the closure of Catania airport on Sicily's eastern coast.
FILE - Spokesperson of Ministry of Foreign Affairs Ahmed Abu Zeid CAIRO - 2 August 2018: Ministry of Foreign Affairs is coordinating with the Italian authorities to extradite the fugitive Muslim Brotherhood (MB) leader Mohamed Mahsoob, who was released after 12-hour investigation at Catania Airport on Wednesday, spokesperson of Ministry of Foreign Affairs Ahmed Abu Zeid stated Thursday.