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Noun1.Catasetum - genus of tropical American orchids having showy male and female flowers usually on separate inflorescencesCatasetum - genus of tropical American orchids having showy male and female flowers usually on separate inflorescences
liliopsid genus, monocot genus - genus of flowering plants having a single cotyledon (embryonic leaf) in the seed
family Orchidaceae, orchid family, Orchidaceae - enormous cosmopolitan family of perennial terrestrial or epiphytic plants with fleshy tubers or rootstocks and unusual flowers
Catasetum macrocarpum, jumping orchid - orchid having both male and female flowers in the same raceme; when a sensitive projection at the base of the column of the male flower is touched the pollen is suddenly ejected
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As soon as three Orchidean forms (Monochanthus, Myanthus, and Catasetum), which had previously been ranked as three distinct genera, were known to be sometimes produced on the same spike, they were immediately included as a single species.
4, "Growing Catasetinae (Catasetum) Orchids" by Richard Anthony Lao Sept.
During the last decade two orchid species previously unknown for the Central Valley were collected along the Quebrada Negritos stream that runs along the edge of this preserve: Catasetum maculatum Kunth, a small, immature plant fallen from a Cedrela odorata L.
Gerlach, "Notes on pollination ecology and floral scent chemistry of the rare neotropical orchid Catasetum galeritum Rchb.f.," Plant Species Biology, vol.
Son notables los dibujos de varias especies: Acineta superba, Brassia keiliana, Bollea violacea, Catasetum maculatum, Cyrtochilum tetracopis o Dracula chimaera por no decir mas; al lado de otras menos acabadas: odontoglossum sp., Cattleya schroederae, Sobralia rosea, Trichopilia fragrans y Lycaste macrophylla, entre otras.