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n.1.A placing among the stars; a catalogue of stars.
The catasterisms of Eratosthenes.
- Whewell.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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In a few instances the comments are rather unhelpful: "a rare example of catasterism in Akkadian literature" (p.
In his famous celebration of the catasterism of Berenice's lock, Callimachus charmingly, even humorously, involves several important themes of the Ptolemaic court.(54) Callimachus' poem (like Conon's `discovery' of his new constellation) responds to what was an actual political issue during the reign of Ptolemy Euergetes, to wit, the question of whether or when the monarch should join himself and Berenice II to the cult of Alexander and the Gods Adelphoi.
If personification as a female acquaintance brings celestial Aurora down to earth in line I, the converse occurs in the metaphorical catasterism of mortal Roscius in line 2.
The story of the death and catasterism of Chiron is one of the most charming and skilfully-presented episodes in the Fasti.
He uses a variety of frames to approach and interpret the portrayal of the natural world: catasterisms, cosmology, geography, topography, landscape, and physics.