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1. A fight between cats.
2. Informal A physical fight or angry argument between people, especially women.


informal a fight between two women



a dispute carried out with intense hostility and bitterness.


cat-fight, cat fight [ˈkætfaɪt] n (between women)crêpage m de chignon
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[U.S.A.], June 2 (ANI): Actress Anne Hathaway has dismissed rumours of catfights on the set of her new film 'Ocean's 8', insisting she became good friends with all of her co-stars.
Since television thrives on conflict and problem-solving, the catfights are par for the course.
Chirpy host Caroline Flack will preside over the inevitable clinches, catfights, and broken dreams.
Most catfights occur between two females, followed by two males rather than male to female.
(hint: it involves ladies with a penchant for catfights.)
BIGG BOSS 7 winner Gauhar Khan might have had the maximum catfights with actress Tanisha Mukherji, but, Tanisha was the driving force behind her victory.
Bollywood is no stranger to catfights, and the newest rivals to join list are Katrina Kaif and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan.
Once upon a time, the catfights between Joan and co-star Linda Grey resulted in massive ratings.
WELSH women are being recruited to take part in organised "catfights", Wales on Sunday can reveal.
The store said it was expecting "catfights in the aisles" as young women grab their limited-edition answer to the Balmain creation.
COMING after the dreary Change, the title was the only reason to hold out much hope for Catfights and Spotlights.
The Sugababes, including Aintree-born Heidi Range, have just released their latest album, Catfights And Spotlights.