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Noun1.Catha edulis - a shrub that is cultivated by Arabs for its leaves which are chewed or used to make tea
Catha, genus Catha - a genus of African evergreen shrubs characterized by thick leaves and white flowers
bush, shrub - a low woody perennial plant usually having several major stems
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Genotoxic effect of Catha edulis (khat) crude extract after sub-chronic administration in rats.
The majority (74%) of the participants did not attend school and 65% reported that they consumed Khat (Catha edulis), a stimulant leaf commonly consumed in the study area.
Catha edulis Forsk Mediates Embryotoxic Effects in Rats: An Experimental Study
Khat is a natural stimulant from the Catha edulis plant that is cultivated in the Republic of Yemen and most of the countries of East Africa.
Both cathinones and cannabinoids can be naturally occurring in the form of khat (Catha edulis) and marijuana (Cannabis sativa), respectively.
The types of foods taken (fruits, vegetables, meat, fish, and chicken) were classified into the following: no, infrequently (<2 servings/week), and frequently (>2 servings/week); tea consumption: no, within or after meal, and frequently (>4 times/day); coffee and cola consumption (yes or no/week) after meal; fitness, khat (Catha edulis) chewing, and smoking habit defined as yes or no.
Khat originates from the evergreen shrub Catha edulis, which is indigenous to several East African countries.
In 2016, there were continued seizures by Senegalese law enforcement authorities of the Catha Edulis (khat) plant as well as multi-ton quantities of marijuana.
Khat (Catha edulis Forssk.) is an evergreen flowering tree or shrub, first identified by Forsskal, a botanist in 1762 [1,2].
Use of psycho active substances such as khat (Catha edulis, which is evergreen leaf common in east Africa), tobacco products (cigarette, shisha), and alcoholic beverages have become major public health challenge [4].
Engidawork et al., "The psychostimulant khat (Catha edulis) inhibits CYP2D6 enzyme activity in humans," Journal of Clinical Psychopharmacology, vol.
The plant is known scientifically as Catha edulis .