Catherine the Great

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Noun1.Catherine the Great - empress of Russia who greatly increased the territory of the empire (1729-1796)
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But, when her inept husband proves incapable of ruling, she utilizes her intelligence, fortitude, and passion to rise to power, becoming Catherine the Great.
She says he pulled out a list he called "the main loves of my life" and goes on: "He added my name at the top so I could see I was above women like Catherine the Great and Marie Curie.
1796: Catherine the Great of Russia died of a stroke aged 67.
I can't get the bugger off my back - While campaigning for Tony Benn in 1984 The Great She-elephant, Shewho-must-be-obeyed, the Catherine the Great of Finchley, the prime minister herself - On Margaret Thatcher Same old Mafia again, I see - To a welcoming committee on arrival in Moscow OPPONENTS ON HEALEY A practical old bruiser with a first-class mind and very bad manners - Lord Hailsham A political thug - Lady Falkender One of the most insensitive know-alls of British politics - Lord Jenkins of Hillhead when he was plain Roy Jenkins
Once belonging to Catherine the Great of Russia, the elephant was key in a risky political gambit all those years ago.
The museum was founded by Catherine the great in 1764 includes three million pieces.
Russia's Black Sea Fleet was founded by a decree of Empress Catherine the Great in 1783.
Vladimir's Cathedral, the city will host a wreath laying ceremony at a monument to Empress Catherine the Great and later a ceremony of handing over colors at the Nakhimov Higher Naval Institute.
The items demonstrate the evolution of style from the European Classicism of the court of Catherine the Great, to the rich Oriental motifs of mid-19th century Russian Historicism of the Kremlin and Grand Duke Constantine Nicholaevich services and the enamel work of Fedor Ruckert and the firm of Ovchinnikov.
Renowned as one of the finest Palladian houses and one of the most extensive art collections in Britain, Houghton became notorious when Sir Robert's collection of Old Master paintings was sold by his grandson to Russian Empress Catherine the Great in 1779.
Ash is described as an imperial Russian porter, a beer style once brewed by London brewers for Catherine the Great, Empress of Russia.
Houghton Revisited', this summer's spectacular exhibition of the great paintings which once belonged to Sir Robert Walpole and have temporarily returned from Russia to their former home in Norfolk, reveals both the taste and the rapacity of Catherine the Great.