Catherine the Great

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Noun1.Catherine the Great - empress of Russia who greatly increased the territory of the empire (1729-1796)
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They went into the reception room familiar to Pierre, with two Italian windows opening into the conservatory, with its large bust and full length portrait of Catherine the Great. The same people were still sitting here in almost the same positions as before, whispering to one another.
The guests had been selected with a boldness and discrimination in which the initiated recognised the firm hand of Catherine the Great. Associated with such immemorial standbys as the Selfridge Merrys, who were asked everywhere because they always had been, the Beauforts, on whom there was a claim of relationship, and Mr.
Three names are synonymous with this extraordinary city, Peter the Great, Catherine the Great and the Romanov family.
Arriving at Catherine the Great's Palace, its turquoise, white and gold facade dazzles.
Dame Helen Mirren's portrayal of Catherine the Great is set to be television's raunchiest ever historical drama.
The Queen actress Helen Mirren is taking on another royal role for her new venture, Sky Atlantic's Catherine The Great. She was talking about some of the costumes she will be wearing as the titular Russian monarch.
Helen Mirren, Oscar winner for her stunning role in the 2006 movie The Queen, looks even more regal in her new portrayal as the Empress in Catherine The Great.
The event features a full-tea menu in an elegant setting followed by dramatic book reviewer Jenny Riddle's one-woman show, "Catherine the Great." In her presentations, Jenny motivates, educates, and entertains audiences with her unique interpretations of best-selling books in which she becomes the characters telling their real-life stories.
Having overcome numerous difficulties later on,Kdayappealed to Catherine the Great (Queen Ekaterina II) and obtained her permission to return to Japan after ten years on February 29, 1792.
DAME Helen Mirren is dusting off her crown to take on the role of Catherine the Great in a new TV series.
Kid sees Goat on top of the 12-storey Manhattan apartment block as the family move into Cousin Doug's apartment to look after Cat (Catherine the Great), his dog, but mom and dad don't notice it.
In her approximately 30 books over the past 20 years about Catherine the Great and her era, she argues against the sins of popular biography in Russia.