Catherine the Great

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Noun1.Catherine the Great - empress of Russia who greatly increased the territory of the empire (1729-1796)
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They went into the reception room familiar to Pierre, with two Italian windows opening into the conservatory, with its large bust and full length portrait of Catherine the Great.
The guests had been selected with a boldness and discrimination in which the initiated recognised the firm hand of Catherine the Great.
Also on this day - 1510: Death of Italian painter Sandro Botticelli; 1727: Death of Catherine the Great, Empress of Russia; 1890: The first regular comic paper Comic Cuts issued by Alfred Harmsworth; 1900: Mafeking, under siege by the Boers, was relieved by Colonel Plumer; 1916: The Daylight-Saving Act, Summer Time, passed in Britain; 1940: Germany invaded France; 1983: Wheel clamps first used in London on cars parked in the Chelsea, Kensington and Westminster areas.
It may not have been her most memorable performance, but Catherine Zeta-Jones is believed to be reprising her role as Catherine the Great.
The Treasures of Catherine the Great, which is currently on show in London, presents a dazzling mix of jewels, wrought silver, ormolu-mounted hard stones, glittering Tula steel, gold medals, jewelled snuff boxes, Chinese works of art, portrait miniatures and many other things which take your breath away.
She's also planning to play Russian empress Catherine the Great for Penthouse magazine publisher Bob Guccione.
RUSSIAN Empress Catherine the Great used Wales as a model for her education system, a new book reveals.
A magnificent collection of art treasures which once belonged to Russian Empress Catherine the Great is to be displayed at the new Hermitage Rooms at Somerset House in London.
The items will change from time to time and it is thought the opening show, in the autumn, could be devoted to Russian empress Catherine the Great.
It supplied Empress Catherine the Great with a 952 piece hand painted dinner service which is now kept in the Hermitage Museum in St Petersberg.
She re-wrote the rules of governance by a woman, and succeeded to the extent of having the word 'Great' attached to her name, Catherine the Great.
THE Queen star Dame Helen Mirren has signed up to play another monarch - Catherine the Great.