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Noun1.Catholic school - a parochial school maintained by the Catholic ChurchCatholic school - a parochial school maintained by the Catholic Church
church school, parochial school - a private religious school run by a church or parish
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These poor girls had never known the advantages of settled homes, decorous example, or honest Protestant education; resident a few months now in one Catholic school, now in another, as their parents wandered from land to land--from France to Germany, from Germany to Belgium --they had picked up some scanty instruction, many bad habits, losing every notion even of the first elements of religion and morals, and acquiring an imbecile indifference to every sentiment that can elevate humanity; they were distinguishable by an habitual look of sullen dejection, the result of crushed self-respect and constant browbeating from their Popish fellow-pupils, who hated them as English, and scorned them as heretics.
A news and events page with social media integration allows Hawaii Catholic Schools Office to share real-time school-specific current events as well as updates that would concern the entire Catholic school community.
Contract notice: BC-0920150921 Thomas Becket Catholic School Outsourced Catering.
The charge for those participating in the 2013 CHEC Conference was to explore Catholic school financing as related to public funding, private support, cultivation of institutional commitment, and financial management.
On average, math scores for Catholic school students fell from 62 percent in kindergarten to 57 percent by eighth grade.
LOS ANGELES * Martha Rodriguez always thought Catholic school was expensive and out of reach--not a place for her kids.
Catherine's Academy, founded in 1889 by the Dominican Sisters of Mission San Jose, is a Catholic school located in Orange County with a military tradition for boys in kindergarten through 8th grade.
Laurel Broten, the education minister of Ontario, Canada--a professing Catholic who sends her children to Catholic school--declared October 10 that the province's publicly funded Catholic schools may not teach students that abortion is wrong because such teaching amounts to "misogyny," which is prohibited in schools under a controversial anti-bullying law.
SOUTH BEND, Indiana -- A new campaign called Catholic School Advantage aims to increase the number of Hispanic students in Catholic schools.
The Catholic Partnership Schools include St Robert of Newminster Catholic School and Sixth Form College, Washington, St Leonard's Catholic School, Durham, St Bede's Catholic Comprehensive School Peterlee, St Aidan's Catholic School and Sixth Form Centre, Sunderland and St Bede's Catholic School and Sixth Form College, Lanchester.
For years, Wirral pupils who attend a Catholic school, more than three miles away from their home, have been entitled to a free bus pass.

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