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Noun1.Catholic school - a parochial school maintained by the Catholic ChurchCatholic school - a parochial school maintained by the Catholic Church
church school, parochial school - a private religious school run by a church or parish
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These poor girls had never known the advantages of settled homes, decorous example, or honest Protestant education; resident a few months now in one Catholic school, now in another, as their parents wandered from land to land--from France to Germany, from Germany to Belgium --they had picked up some scanty instruction, many bad habits, losing every notion even of the first elements of religion and morals, and acquiring an imbecile indifference to every sentiment that can elevate humanity; they were distinguishable by an habitual look of sullen dejection, the result of crushed self-respect and constant browbeating from their Popish fellow-pupils, who hated them as English, and scorned them as heretics.
Bishop Joseph Devine, president of the Catholic Education Commission, said: "Clearly the Catholic community still has a massive amount of confidence in the Catholic school system.
A study is published showing a Catholic school effect on achievement scores.
For example, the endogeneity of school choice may inflate the observed Catholic school effect.
Of the Catholic school students, 75-90% were black or Hispanic.
I pay particular attention to the literature on Catholic school effects because Catholic schools constitute a large and relatively homogeneous set of private schools.
Staff composition has shifted from being some 90 percent female and religious to less than 5 percent; laypeople now make up more than 95 percent of all Catholic school employees.
Patrick Catholic School at the county level spelling bee.
The Saskatchewan Catholic School Boards Association said it was "obviously disappointed" with the decision and would consider an appeal.
Pastors of parishes with a Catholic school fulfill a vital role in today's Catholic Church as chief educational leaders of these schools (Dolan, 2010; King, 2013; Schafer, 2013; USCCB, 2005b).
Ohio Catholic Federal Credit Union has awarded Catholic school grants in the amount of USD10,000 to Lakewood Catholic Academy in Lakewood and St.
It is important to note that Catholic school teachers have an economic sacrifice as well, forgoing the larger salary and benefits packages offered by public schools in exchange for the opportunity to serve in a faith-based environment.

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