cat's claw

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cat’s claw

n (bot) uña de gato
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Uncaria tomentosa is a woody vine native to the Amazon rainforest, popularly known as cats claw. Uncaria tomentosa is a medicinal herb that has been used in the treatment of different diseases including cancer.
Johnston City never trailed in the contest, and at one point opened up a 16-point lead, only to watch the Cats claw their way back in the second half to make it a game.
Four of South Park's players are also members of Sunderland Development Centre - Shelby Tudor, Amy Simpson, Sophie Stonehouse and Lauren Farrow - and helped the Black Cats claw apart Newcastle 10-1 in December.
More than 20,000 different plants spend, their entire life in the forest canopy, getting their nutrients by trapping dead leaves a" some aggressive ones such as the Boston ivy and Cats Claw creepers use other plants as a ladder to get sunlight.
Why Cats Claw. You may notice your cat flexing her nails when she first gets up and stretches or suddenly stop to sink her nails into the wall-to-wall carpeting as she crosses a room.
Musicians from Cats Claw, Dragons Breath, Juice and Ruff and Tumble will be playing.