Catskill Mountains

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Cats·kill Mountains

A dissected upland region of the Allegheny Plateau in southeast New York west of the Hudson River. The Catskills, rising to about 1,275 m (4,180 ft), include popular resort areas.
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Catskill Mountains

pl n
(Placename) a mountain range in SE New York State: resort. Highest peak: Slide Mountain, 1261 m (4204 ft). Also called: Catskills
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Cats′kill Moun′tains

(ˈkæt skɪl)
mountain range in E New York: resort area. Highest peak, 4204 ft. (1281 m). Also called Cats′kills.
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Noun1.Catskill Mountains - a range of the Appalachians to the west of the Hudson in southeastern New YorkCatskill Mountains - a range of the Appalachians to the west of the Hudson in southeastern New York; includes many popular resort areas
Empire State, New York State, NY, New York - a Mid-Atlantic state; one of the original 13 colonies
borscht belt, borscht circuit, borsht belt, borsht circuit - (informal) a resort area in the Catskill Mountains of New York that was patronized primarily by Jewish guests; "many comedians learned their trade playing the borscht circuit"
Appalachian Mountains, Appalachians - a mountain range in the eastern United States extending from Quebec to the Gulf of Mexico; a historic barrier to early westward expansion of the United States
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Pierce, there are two varieties of the wolf inhabiting the Catskill Mountains in the United States, one with a light greyhound-like form, which pursues deer, and the other more bulky, with shorter legs, which more frequently attacks the shepherd's flocks.
Every June, 2,000 Russian-speakers flock to the Catskill Mountains to take part in a weekend event that many liken to Burning Man, but without the dust and with significantly more vodka.
Belt" summer resorts of New York's Catskill Mountains to Las Vegas to
Known as Lost Lake Resort, the property is located 90 miles north of Manhattan in Monticello in the Catskill Mountains.
John Burroughs penned that line around 1870 in an essay on trout fishing in the Catskill Mountains. Burroughs was a famous naturalist and friend of Theodore Roosevelt.
The group had planned to attack Islamberg, a small enclave in the Catskill Mountains about 150 miles northwest of New York City.
The Chatwal Lodge, a part of the Dream Hotel Group, is touted to be a driving force in the ongoing restoration and revitalization of New York's Catskill Mountains. Nestled amongst 26 acres along the wooded shores of the 1,000-acre Toronto Reservoir, the five-star luxury retreat is expected to open in 2020.
Sharp-witted paralegal Ellie Greenberg has a dynamite career at a law firm in the Catskill Mountains of New York.
A low-powered television station using a transmitter from atop a mountain that's home to a popular ski resort in New York's Catskill Mountains is about to get a big bump of northern exposure.
Like The Band 30 years before, it was out of the Catskill Mountains in Upstate New York that Mercury Rev appeared in the late'90s with a landmark album.
Gail Straub's contemplative walks along the Ashokan Reservoir, nestled among the Catskill Mountains, are chronicled in thirty-six poignant and heartfelt essays that are a feast for the senses.