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Noun1.Cattell - American psychologist (born in England) who developed a broad theory of human behavior based on multivariate research (1905-1998)
2.Cattell - American psychologist and editor (1860-1944)
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Police said a 19-year-old man was stabbed at the junction of Cattell Road and Coventry Road.
However, Matt Cattell says he has "seen nothing" of the Mayor's Taskforce and more needs to be done to work alongside those working to help the homeless 365 days a year.
Jenny Cattell said they had carried her through since her husband John, a teacher at Almondbury Community School, died on Monday.
Notes: questions concerning this project must be submitted via email to eric cattell, aicp, assistant director for planning, (cattell@cityofmhk.
Two cars, one believed to be a BMW, collided on Cattell Road, near St Andrew's Stadium, just after 9pm on Friday.
to Broucour's founder and managing director Rupert Cattell for consideration of up to USD 494,000 (GBP 341,000) which equates to the company's most recent published valuation, the company said.
Cattell, Bob First XI: Eleven Stories of the World of Cricket Charlcombe Books, 2015, pp144, 7.
Denbigh-based Owen & Edwards was launched by Richard and Rhian Cattell a year ago and have since built up a solid customer base at cafes and restaurants across the Clwydian Range area.
Cattell took it back to his lab to begin the process of preserving it.
Cerys achieved her impressive score on the Cattell III B scale, which she has been told gives her an IQ higher than people like Stephen Hawking and Albert Einstein.
Pennsylvania Wine: A History," a new book written by Hudson Cattell and Linda Jones McKee, details the ups and downs in the state's wine industry from the 1600s through the present.