Cauca River

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Cau·ca River

A river rising in the Cordillera Central of western Colombia and flowing about 965 km (600 mi) northward to the Magdalena River.
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In the Cauca River Valley, the country's main sugarcane producing area, pest damage represents a reduction of 0.
The terrain in the project area is mountainous, characterized by steep-sided valleys and subdued peaks with elevations ranging from a low of around 600 meters (m) to the east in the Cauca river valley to a maximum of 2,200 m above mean sea level.
In Colombia, sugarcane is harvested throughout the year, and the majority of the cultivation there is seen in the Cauca River Valley.
10,200 ha) of RUT watershed, and it limits to the north with the Cauca river--Toro Municipality--, east with the left bank of the Cauca river, south with the Cauca river--Roldanillo Municipality--, and west side with the right hillside of the western range mountain of Colombia (Figure 1).
The study area is located in the southern part of the Valle del Cauca River basin in Cali, which is an intermountain-savannah plain area, characterized by a smooth surface and with a mean ground surface elevation of 1200 m.
blossevillii in Colombia, for which the distribution was based on two marginal localities: one in the western slopes of the Eastern Cordillera (Cundinamarca, Sasaima), and a second in the upper Cauca River basin in the eastern slopes of the Western Cordillera (Cauca, Mazamorrero).
Description: The project supports the National Climate Change Agency and particularly the National Climate Change Adaptation Plan by (1) leading planning processes for watershed monitoring with the participation of three Regional Autonomous Corporations (CARs) of the Cauca River basin, and (2) working with the Institute of Hydrology, Meteorology and Environmental Studies of Colombia (IDEAM), the CAR, and the departments of Magdalena River Basin to identify upstream actions to reduce the risk of flooding downstream.
Geographically, the valley of the Cauca River rests between the Central and Western (or Occidental) cordilleras of Colombia's Andes Mountains.
Abstract: With the aim of identifying little fire ant Wasmannia auropunctata "s social structure in drastically disturbed environments, we modeled the spatial distribution of this species in two patches of dry forest with contrasting levels of disturbance, at southand and north of the Cauca river valley, a region for which W.
In the 16th century, the Spaniards found people in the high plateau of Narino area and in the middle Cauca river, as well as in the central mountain range many groups now called Quimbayas.