Cauca River

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Cau·ca River

A river rising in the Cordillera Central of western Colombia and flowing about 965 km (600 mi) northward to the Magdalena River.
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tabernella occurred in the Cauca River Valley (CRV) (Vargas et al.
The IPM program against sugarcane borers in the Cauca River Valley represents a relatively unique example of successful biological control of a complex of stalk-boring lepidopteran pests through augmentation of a combination of egg and larval parasitoids in open field conditions.
Description: The project supports the National Climate Change Agency and particularly the National Climate Change Adaptation Plan by (1) leading planning processes for watershed monitoring with the participation of three Regional Autonomous Corporations (CARs) of the Cauca River basin, and (2) working with the Institute of Hydrology, Meteorology and Environmental Studies of Colombia (IDEAM), the CAR, and the departments of Magdalena River Basin to identify upstream actions to reduce the risk of flooding downstream.
In the 16th century, the Spaniards found people in the high plateau of Narino area and in the middle Cauca river, as well as in the central mountain range many groups now called Quimbayas.
The ranges Occidental and Central are separated for the Cauca-Patia Intermontane Depression, just where the Romeral Fault System runs controlling the Cauca river and many of its affluents.
This left five zones for ecoepidemiologic analysis: Pacific, Atlantic, Amazon and Eastern Plains, Cauca River Valley, and Magdalena River Valley.
448) Atlantic 152 50 (33) 57 (2-3,030) Cauca River Valley 248 56 (23) 29.
We illustrate this finding with data for diverse localities in Buenaventura (on the Pacific coast) and Caucasia (along the Cauca river floodplain), but conclusions have been found valid for multiple localities throughout endemic regions of Colombia.
1989) horizon, involving the Cauca River valley near Cali, the Calima archaeological zone, and the lower San Juan and Calima Rivers (perhaps even to the Patia River, Patino 1991).
The project was awarded by Corporacion Autonoma Regional del Cauca (CVC), a governmental entity in Colombia with responsibility for providing electric and other services in the Cauca River Valley.
Under the conditions of the Cauca River Valley of Colombia, the economic losses caused by Diatraea spp.
The plant is being built on the banks of Cauca River, eight kilometres downstream of the Pescadero road bridge.