Caucasian race

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Noun1.Caucasian race - a light-skinned race
race - people who are believed to belong to the same genetic stock; "some biologists doubt that there are important genetic differences between races of human beings"
Caucasian, White, White person - a member of the Caucasoid race
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Their founder, Margaret Sanger, was a white Anglo-Saxon supremacist who advocated for maintaining the purity of the Caucasian race through birth control and abortion.
Caucasian race and gastroenterologists performing the colonoscopy were associated with increased PSSADR even after adjusting for all the independent variables, and this was statically significant (Caucasians versus AAs: p = 0.003 and gastroenterologist versus nongastroenterologists: p = 0.001).
shall never be occupied, used or resided on by any person not of the white or Caucasian race, except in the capacity of a servant or domestic employed thereon as such by a white Caucasian owner, tenant, or occupant.
One such provision forbade selling the home to someone who would construct "any slaughter house, smith shop, forge furnace," or "for any structure other than a dwelling of people of the Caucasian race." These provisions were initially upheld in the courts on the theory that the covenants were private contracts and not subject to the Constitution.
Another important characteristic of this subtype of IH was its predominance in girls and Caucasian race. We also support this predilection for the female sex and Caucasian race because three of our patients were females and all of them were Caucasians [10].
Older age, female gender, Caucasian race all increase risk, and these factors need to be brought in to assessment," Dr.
For our patient, the factors including female sex, caucasian race, chronic renal failure, thyroid malignancy, haemodialysis, high dose of corticosteroid treatment and high serum levels of phosphate and parathormone may have some role for increasing the risk for calciphylaxis.
"I want them to see my transition from poor red-haired victimised minority to a fully transformed military terrorist striking at the hearts of the bigoted tyrannical rulers and of course the dark haired dark eyes Caucasian race.
Investigated persons were belonging to Caucasian race. All enrolled persons having the same high risk to get influenza virus because of student activity based on the epidemiologic data being upon same exposure during communication and overcrowding.
General risk factors that may pre-dispose people to developing insomnia include advanced age, Caucasian race, female gender, personal or family history of insomnia, and comorbid psychiatric disorders.