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Of or relating to the Caucasian racial classification. No longer in scientific use. See Usage Note at Negroid.

Cau′ca·soid n.


(Peoples) denoting, relating to, or belonging to the lighter-complexioned supposed racial group of mankind, which includes the peoples indigenous to Europe, N Africa, SW Asia, and the Indian subcontinent and their descendants in other parts of the world
(Peoples) a member of this racial group
Usage: The word Caucasoid and other words ending in -oid and relating to racial group are controversial scientifically and best avoided


(kɔˈkeɪ ʒən, -ʃən, -ˈkæʒ ən, -ˈkæʃ-)

adj. Also, Cau•cas•ic (kɔˈkæs ɪk, -ˈkæz-)
1. of, designating, or characteristic of one of the traditional racial divisions of humankind, marked by fair to dark skin, straight to curly hair, and light to very dark eyes and orig. inhabiting Europe, parts of North Africa, W Asia, and India.
2. of the Caucasus region, its peoples, or their culture.
3. of or designating the non-Indo-European, non-Turkic languages spoken by the indigenous peoples of the Caucasus and adjacent areas.
4. a person having Caucasian physical characteristics.
5. a native or inhabitant of the Caucasus.
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Adj.1.Caucasoid - of or relating to Caucasian people
white - of or belonging to a racial group having light skin coloration; "voting patterns within the white population"
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A rapid method of haplotyping HFE mutations and linkage disequilibrium in a Caucasoid population.
For instance, Sally Hemings was both mixed race and Caucasoid in appearance, but her blackness is not in doubt.
The notion that there are three racial groups - Caucasoid, Mongoloid, and Negroid - has been thoroughly discredited for half a century.
Although the Tungus were Mongolian nomads and the Cossacks were Caucasoid Christian village-dwellers, neither group believed itself to be racially superior.
Coon, a well-known University of Pennsylvania anthropologist, published The Origin of Races, in which he argued that what he classified as the five major racial groups (Australoid, Mongoloid, Caucasoid, Capoid, and Congoid) are actually separate "subspecies," each occupying "its own level on the evolutionary scale.
Thus, the civilisation that Napoleon's scientists found in Egypt had to be the creation of Caucasians, which made the Ancient Egyptians a branch of the Caucasoid race.
We need to continue studying our populations to know the real frequency of this polymorphism because the principal studies have been performed mainly in Caucasoid populations.
They even classified humans into different categories and then gave them differing behavior characteristics (Negroid, Caucasoid etc.
It has been shown that mbl-2 gene variants increased the risk of systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) in both Chinese and Caucasoid populations (80,81).
Dark skinned peoples of India, Pakistan, Bangladesh are often placed in the Caucasoid category based on non-skin tone features.
Human hair morphology: A scanning electron microscopy study on a male Caucasoid and a computerized classification of regional differences, Scanning Microscopy (1990) 4:375-386.
Thus, Blacks in Science: Ancient and Modern (1983) showed that Africa had an impressive scientific tradition in certain centers and historical periods with a particular focus on African American inventions, especially in the fields of telecommunications, space, and nuclear science; African Presence in Early Europe (1985) places into perspective the role of the African in world civilization, in particular the little-known contributions to the advancement of Europe with a major essay on the evolution of the Caucasoid discusses scientific discoveries of the African origins of humankind and the shift towards albinism (dropping of pigmentation) by the Grimaldi African during an ice age in Europe.