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(Pathology) pathol a burning sensation along the course of a peripheral nerve together with local changes in the appearance of the skin
[C19: from New Latin, from Greek kausos fever + -algia]


(kɔˈzæl dʒi ə, -dʒə)

a neuralgia distinguished by a burning pain along certain nerves, usu. of the upper extremities.
[1870–75; < Greek kaûs(is) act of burning (see caustic)]
cau•sal′gic, adj.
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Noun1.causalgia - a burning pain in a limb along the course of a peripheral nerve; usually associated with skin changes
hurting, pain - a symptom of some physical hurt or disorder; "the patient developed severe pain and distension"


n. causalgia, dolor con ardor en la piel.


n causalgia
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Rat CCI is one of the most commonly employed animal models of neuropathic pain; CCI simulates the symptoms of chronic nerve compression, which correspond to causalgia or complex regional pain syndrome in human patients (11).
Analgesic pump can be useful in pain caused by causalgia, chronic pancreatitis, cancer pain, and arachnoiditis.
Other disorders that may fall under the CECD rubric include neonatal failure to thrive, cystic fibrosis, causalgia, brachial plexopathy, phantom limb pain, infantile colic, glaucoma, dysmenorrhea, neremesis gravidarum, unexplained fetal wastage (repetitive miscarriages), post-traumatic stress disorder, bipolar disease, and possibly many others.
Alternative names for CRPS in the literature include reflex sympathetic dystrophy (RSD), algodystrophy, causalgia, Sudeck atrophy, transient osteoporosis, and acute atrophy of bone (55).
Historically, CRPS has been called causalgia, algodystrophy, Sudeck's atrophy, or reflex sympathetic dystrophy (Tan et al.
The Court of Appeal, however, has agreed with the High Court decision that Pfizers patent claim for specific types of pain including causalgia pain, herpetic pain and post-herpetic pain are valid.
Initial results from the ACCURATE IDE study, the largest study to date evaluating patients suffering from neuropathic chronic intractable pain associated with CRPS I and II or peripheral causalgia, showed DRG stimulation provided patients with superior pain relief over traditional tonic SCS.
However, amputations are not without problems such as thromboembolism from the surgery and prolonged immobilization, flexion contractures, neuroma, causalgia and phantom limb pain.
Jude Medical Axium system was based in part on the results of the ACCURATE investigational device exemption study, the largest study to date evaluating patients suffering from neuropathic chronic intractable pain associated with CRPS I and II or peripheral causalgia (PC).
8 new cases per 100,000 people cases per 100,000 people per year per year Prevalence 21 cases per 100,000 4 cases per 100,000 people people Triggers Triggered by tissue A high-velocity impact injury without nerve occurs at the tissue injury site that is associated with nerve injury Other names for Previously called reflex Previously called CRPS sympathetic dystrophy causalgia syndrome TABLE 2.
Differential diagnosis of NICO includes trigeminal neuralgia atypical facial pain phantom toothache causalgia burning mouth syndrome and TMJ/ myofacial pain and dysfunction syndrome.
This condition, known as causalgia, intensifies with an increase in temperature.