sexual orientation

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sexual orientation

The direction of a person's sexual interest, as towards people of the opposite sex, the same sex, or both sexes.

sex′ual orienta′tion

one's natural preference for sexual partners of the opposite or same sex.

Sexual Orientation


AC/DC Bisexual; capable of being sexually aroused and satisfied by either sex. This slang term was coined by analogy to an electrical appliance which operates on either alternating current (AC) or direct current (DC). The phrase is often used non-judgment ally and appears to be losing even its slang stigma. Webster’s 6,000 Words (1976) cites R. H. Kuh:

… help the A.C./D.C. youngster to shape his actions in a heterosexual direction.

camp or campy See AFFECTATION.

kinky Perverse, deviant, or aberrant; sexually eccentric or depraved. This term’s sexual sense, derived from kink ‘flaw, abnormality,’ enjoys widespread, contemporary use in the United States. Its antonym is straight.

In a moment of excessively kinky passion a husband strangles his mistress. (Daily Telegraph, July, 1971)

peeping Tom A voyeur; one who achieves sexual gratification through clandestine observation of sexual activity. This expression is named for the 11th-century peeping Tom of Coventry, a tailor who, when he peeked at Lady Godiva as she rode naked through town in protest of increased taxes, was purportedly struck blind. The evolution of the expression’s current voyeuristic application is apparent.

switch hitter A bisexual. This recent American slang expression uses baseball terminology for a player who can bat from either side of the plate.

orientació sexual
Sexuelle Orientierung
orientación sexual
seksuaalinen suuntautuminen
orientation sexuelle
seksualna orijentacija
szexuális irányultság
orientamento sessuale
seksuele geaardheid
orientacja seksualna
orientação sexual
orientare sexualăsexualitate
sexuálna orientácia
spolna usmerjenost
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Debates about the causes of homosexuality -- whether this is genetic or due to an inordinately close relationship with one's mother -- have been replaced by those about whether the guy in office who wears pink shirts is gay or not.
In addition, emotionally charged topics, such as censorship and the causes of homosexuality, are presented with a refreshing level of objectivity that does not require readers to take sides.
To measure perceived causes of homosexuality and controllability, our items focused on biological etiologies and whether a person can change or modify their sexual orientation (King, 2001; Whitely, 1990).
Thus far, scientific investigation into the causes of homosexuality has been scant and underfunded, though not because the issue is uninteresting.
The rights of children, the future of a balanced society, the role of men and women and mothers and fathers, the nature of a healthy sexuality, the causes of homosexuality and many more.
The alleged causes of homosexuality [put forward by science]," Robb writes, "stirred the imagination and made it possible for homosexual men and women to view their sexuality as an inherent part of life's pattern rather than as an aberration.
Lastly, in HIV education programs, educators are invariably asked about the causes of homosexuality.
I fit into their analysis of the causes of homosexuality perfectly.