Cave hyena

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(Zool.) a fossil hyena found abundanty in British caves, now usually regarded as a large variety of the living African spotted hyena.
- Tylor.
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And marks on the exterior of the bone indicate that this bone fragment was probably brought into the cave by a carnivore such as a cave hyena, or a wolf.
From the tiny amounts of sediments recovered, the researchers were then able to retrieve fragments of mitochondrial DNA belonging to twelve different mammalian species, including the woolly mammoth, the woolly rhinoceros, the cave bear and the cave hyena.
Diedrich, "The holotypes of the upper Pleistocene Crocuta crocuta spelaea (Goldfuss, 1823: Hyaenidae) and Panthera leo spelaea (Goldfuss, 1810: Felidae) of the Zoolithen Cave hyena den (South Germany) and their palaeo-ecological interpretation," Zoological Journal of the Linnean Society, vol.
Prehistoric mammals are also represented from the earliest forms through to the megafauna of the Ice Ages, including the mammoth, woolly rhinoceros, cave bears, cave hyenas and wild horses.