Cavia porcellus

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Noun1.Cavia porcellus - South American cavyCavia porcellus - South American cavy; possibly ancestral to the domestic guinea pig
cavy - short-tailed rough-haired South American rodent
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compared to other hystricomorph, such as Myoprocta pratti, Cavia porcellus, Galea musteloides, Dolichotis patagonum, Myocastor coypus, Erethizon dorsatum, Hystrix africaeaustralis, and Cuniculus paca (Rowlands, Tam, & Kleiman, 1970; Challis, Heap, & Illingworth, 1971; Tam, 1973; Louis, Somes, Pryor, & Blankenship, 1986; Van Aarde & Potgieter, 1986; Jakubicka, Barta, Nitray, & Szeleszczukova, 1989; Barta & Jakubicka, 1991; Sweitzer & Holcombre, 1993; Van Wyk, Van Aarde, & Louw, 1994; Ribeiro et al.
Assessment of hydrogen sulfide innocuousness on Cavia porcellus (guinea pigs) cardiac tissue
2007), Cavia porcellus (Cooper and Schiller, 1975), domestic animals as dogs, cats and horses (Reece, 2005) besides the humans (Kempna and Fluck, 2008).
To contribute to the knowledge of the embryology of an important experimental model for studies related to the reproduction, a study was conducted to describe the morphological events of sexual differentiation of female genital organs during the intrauterine life of Cavia porcellus from 20th to 68th gestational day.
No final do seculo XVIII Charles-Edouard Brown-Sequard, neurologista britanico, injetou em si proprio um extrato formulado a partir dos testiculos de Canis lupus familiaris e Cavia porcellus.
Determinacion in vitro de la accion probiotica de Lactobacillus plantarum sobre Yersinia pseudotuberculosis aislada de Cavia porcellus.
Autosomal polymorphism via a translocation in the guinea pig Cavia porcellus.
Podria llegar a considerarse como alternativa productiva para comunidades rurales, tal como ocurrio con Cavia porcellus (cuy) en Colombia, especialmente para el departamento de Narino (Caicedo-Vallejo 1999, 2000a, 2000b, 2004, 2009), y en otros paises latinoamericanos como Peru, Ecuador y Mexico (Preston & Willis 1975, Zaldivar et al.
Davina didn't want a small army of guinea pigs roaming the house but, happily, the professional advice was that Cavia porcellus prefer to be coupled with a member of the same sex.
Guinea pigs are generally referred to in show circles by the alternative title of 'cavy' - a derivation of the Latin name, Cavia porcellus.