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 (kə-vo͝or′, kä-vo͞or′), Conte Camillo Benso di 1810-1861.
Italian political leader who was premier of Sardinia (1852-1859 and 1860-1861) and assisted in the unification of Italy under Victor Emmanuel II, the king of Sardinia.
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(Italian kaˈvur)
(Biography) Conte Camillo Benso di (kaˈmillo ˈbɛnzo di).1810–61, Italian statesman and premier of Piedmont-Sardinia (1852–59; 1860–61): a leader of the movement for the unification of Italy
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Camillo Benso di, 1810–61, Italian statesman.
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It tells the story of a journey undertaken by the narrator, a writer named Mr Bedford, and an eccentric scientist, Mr Cavor. They discover that the Moon is inhabited by creatures they christen "mooncalves", describing them as "great beasts" and "monsters of mere fatness" that are tended by sophisticated, five-foothigh, insect-like extra-terrestrials they call "Selenites".
Gatiss wrote and stars in the the special for BBC4 and it appears he has based his part as eccentric Professor Cavor on a few people he knows.
Were you always going to play Professor Cavor? Yes.
Mark Gatiss, who made his name as a member of surreal comics The League Of Gentlemen, will appear on BBC4 in HG Wells' story The First Men In The Moon as the eccentric Professor Cavor.
Also, he does not discuss the dialogue with the Oyarsa in terms of Gulliver and the King of Brobdingnag and of Cavor and the Grand Lunar.
In a scene strongly reminiscent of Jonathan Swift's "Gulliver's Travels," in which Gulliver attempts to explain British laws and customs to the puzzled and astonished Houyhnhms; the scientist Cavor, one of the two men on the moon, attempts to explain to the "Grand Lunar," the ruler on the moon, the laws and regulations of the humans on earth.
pounds 169ENJOY two nights in the Italian city of Naples, starting at pounds 169pp, which includes room-only accommodation at the three-star Cavor Hotel and return flights leaving Gatwick on July 5.
Nevertheless, the problem of human aggression is never far from the surface: the bankrupt Bedford repeatedly comforts himself with dreams of colonial exploitation of the Selenites, and in his climactic meeting with the "Grand Lunar" of this physically variable but instinctually unified species, Cavor makes the fatal mistake of describing the fractiousness of our own species, our propensity to turn against other members of our own kind, and the threat we pose to other species.
The First Men in the Moon is narrated by Bedford, a ne'er-do-well with artistic ambitions, who accidentally meets Cavor, the inventor of a substance that "screens" gravity.
Gatiss stars as Professor Cavor, a whiskery, Edwardian eccentric who has invented a gravity-defying substance called Cavorite.
Bedford reveals how, as a young man, he met mysterious scientist Professor Cavor and learned of his invention, Cavorite.
Gatiss takes the lead role as Edwardian scientist professor Cavor in his own adaptation of HG Wells's science fiction classic, The First Men In The Moon.