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 (kə-vo͝or′, kä-vo͞or′), Conte Camillo Benso di 1810-1861.
Italian political leader who was premier of Sardinia (1852-1859 and 1860-1861) and assisted in the unification of Italy under Victor Emmanuel II, the king of Sardinia.


(Italian kaˈvur)
(Biography) Conte Camillo Benso di (kaˈmillo ˈbɛnzo di).1810–61, Italian statesman and premier of Piedmont-Sardinia (1852–59; 1860–61): a leader of the movement for the unification of Italy



Camillo Benso di, 1810–61, Italian statesman.
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Browning was passionately interested in the Italian struggle for independence against Austrian tyranny, and her sudden death in 1861 seems to have been hastened by that of the Italian statesman Cavour. Browning, at first inconsolable, soon returned with his son to London, where he again made his home, for the rest of his life.
(Shutterstock) Truffles are pictured before the international auction for truffles at the Grinzane Castle in Grinzane Cavour near Alba, northwestern Italy.
The buyer from Hong Kong placed their winning bid via satellite at the World Alba White Truffles Auction at the Grinzane Cavour castle in Piedmont, northwestern Italy.
The 70-year-old, who was walking her dog, suffered traumatic injuries in the collision in Bryn Celyn Road near the junction with Cavour Street, Talysarn, on July 17 last year.
The name 'Cavour Vase' stems from a tradition -- which remains unproven -- that the vase once belonged to Camillo Benso, Count of Cavour (1810-61 CE).
ROMA (CyHAN)- Eleven specimens of white truffle were auctioned on Sunday to those attending the World White Truffle of Alba Auction in Grinzane Cavour, here in northern Italy, for a total amount of 287,500 euros (308,311 U.S.
At the moment, EUNAVFOR MED has 6 naval unites (the Italian flagship Cavour, 2 German, 1 UK, 1 French and 1 Spanish warships) and SEVEN air assets among planes and Helicopters.
A North Wales Police spokesman said they were called to Talysarn, Dyffryn Nantlle, Gwynedd, just after 4pm, after a pedestrian was in a collision with a silver Ford Transit tipper on the junction of Cavour Street and Penllwyn Street.
Nick Cavour of ICPainting said, "Our goal is to educate the community on how to get the best results for all their property improvement projects at any budget.
Among her topics are the maids of Killarney: transatlantic circulation and the origins of the national tale, Glendalough and the Gothic, transatlantic movements: exile and migration, from terror to terrorism: Gothic movements in England, foreign landscapes and the domestication of the national subject, and geopolitics from Drennan to Cavour: locating Ireland in a changing Europe.
Il a ajoute que [beaucoup moins que]le Cavour est engage dans une campagne navale a travers le systeme pays en mouvement, et a pour mission essentielle la securite maritime, le renforcement de la confiance, la cooperation de la diplomatie navale et la promotion des entreprises italiennes a travers l'exposition du Made in Italy a bord meme du porte-avions[beaucoup plus grand que].