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See Kanpur.
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(ˌkɔːnˈpɔː) or


(Placename) the former name of Kanpur
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Little Toomai remembered the Cawnpore elephant-lines and said nothing.
Lucknow is rather better than a hundred miles to the east, and Cawnpore about as far to the south.
If our door were in the hands of the Sepoys the place must fall,and the women and children be treated as they were in Cawnpore. Maybe you gentlemen think that I am just making out a case for myself, but I give you my word that when I thought of that, though I felt the point of the knife at my throat, I opened my mouth with the intention of giving a scream, if it was my last one, which might alarm the main guard.
There is a good future for weaving industry and for shoe-making industry in this province and if we encourage these industries, I think we shall be able to save the province from unemployment, provided we protect these industries against Cawnpore and Ahmedabad.'
Kanpur, as an example, alone has several defence production and related units - Ordnance Equipment Factory, Small Arms Factory, Ordnance Parachute Factory, Ordnance Factory Cawnpore, Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd, Defence Materials Stores Research Development Establishment and Central Ordnance Depot.
Like a tiger it roared through boredom roared through Englishness and British rule more ferocious than the Hot Weather it tore through ceremony and certainty its jaws aflame-- Cawnpore, Lucknow, Bibighar, Allahabad--all fell.
He was then posted to India as Gunner 161964 to join the 68th Heavy Battery which was stationed in the garrison at Cawnpore [now Kanpur], Uttar Pradesh.
Jenkins, however, complained about Sikh leader Master Tara Singh who instigated riots in Delhi, Cawnpore and Calcutta.
Peel and the men travelled by foot to the city of Cawnpore (now Kampur) and dragging the artillery pieces with them and fighting numerous skirmishes.
Mr Marsh, aged 74, was protesting that the drains in Cawnpore Street, Cogan, were overflowing and washing sewage into his home.
This one page document--a text of history in itself--presents a snapshot of the personal circumstance of this thirty-six year old woman from the city of Kanpur (formerly Cawnpore) in Uttar Pradesh (E-Pass 2021).
He was later engaged in the Indian Mutiny and served with his regiment at the Relief of Lucknow and Battle of Cawnpore.