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 (kăk′stən), William 1422?-1491.
English printer who published the first printed book in English, Recuyell of the Historyes of Troye (c. 1475).


1. (Printing, Lithography & Bookbinding) a book printed by William Caxton
2. (Printing, Lithography & Bookbinding) a style of type, imitating the Gothic, that Caxton used in his books


(Biography) William. ?1422–91, English printer and translator: published, in Bruges, the first book printed in English (1475) and established the first printing press in England (1477)


(ˈkæk stən)

William, 1422?–91, English printer: established first printing press in England 1476.
Cax•to•ni•an (kækˈstoʊ ni ən) adj.
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Noun1.Caxton - English printer who in 1474 printed the first book in English (1422-1491)
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But the same motive which prevents my writing the dialogue of the piece in Anglo-Saxon or in Norman-French, and which prohibits my sending forth to the public this essay printed with the types of Caxton or Wynken de Worde, prevents my attempting to confine myself within the limits of the period in which my story is laid.
It is not quite known who first discovered the art of printing, but William Caxton was the first man who set up a printing-press in England.
In the preface Caxton tells us how, after he had printed some other books, many gentlemen came to him to ask him why he did not print a history of King Arthur, "which ought most to be remembered among us Englishmen afore all the Christian kings; to whom I answered that diverse men hold opinion that there was no such Arthur, and all such books as be made of him be but fained matters and fables.
But the gentlemen persuaded Caxton until at last he undertook to "imprint a book of the noble histories of the said King Arthur and of certaine of his knights, after a copy unto me delivered, which copy Sir Thomas Malory tooke out of certaine bookes in the Frenche, and reduced it into English.
It is a book, Caxton says, "wherein ye shall find many joyous and pleasant histories, and noble and renowned acts.
Bonus Accursius, as early as 1475-1480, printed the collection of these fables, made by Planudes, which, within five years afterwards, Caxton translated into English, and printed at his press in West- minster Abbey, 1485.
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In the popular imagination and in most written accounts, the Caxton Press is invariably identified with the poet and printer Denis Glover, its founder.
Hsy writes of the distinguished (John Gower, Margery Kempe, William Caxton) as well as the obscure as he analyzes the ever-changing nature of the ways of writing, focusing on London's languages and translingual writing, Chaucer's polyglot existence at home and at the customs house, overseas travels and languages in motion, translingual identities in John Gower and William Caxton, travel and language contacts in The Book of Margery Kemp, merchant compilations and translingual creation, and contact literatures, both medieval and postcolonial.