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 (kā-yo͞o′gə, kī-)
n. pl. Cayuga or Ca·yu·gas
1. A member of a Native American people formerly inhabiting the shores of Cayuga Lake in west-central New York, with present-day populations in Ontario, western New York, Wisconsin, and Oklahoma. The Cayuga are one of the five original tribes of the Iroquois confederacy.
2. The Iroquoian language spoken by the Cayuga.


(keɪˈjuːɡə; kaɪ-)
npl -gas or -ga
1. (Peoples) a member of a Native American people (one of the Iroquois peoples) formerly living around Cayuga Lake
2. (Languages) the language of this people, belonging to the Iroquoian family


(keɪˈyu gə, kaɪ-)

n., pl. -gas, (esp. collectively) -ga.
1. a member of an American Indian people, orig. residing near Cayuga Lake in New York: one of the Iroquois Five Nations.
2. the Iroquoian language of the Cayugas.
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Noun1.Cayuga - a member of an Iroquoian people formerly living around Cayuga Lake in New York State
Iroquois - any member of the warlike North American Indian peoples formerly living in New York State; the Iroquois League were allies of the British during the American Revolution
2.Cayuga - the Iroquoian language spoken by the Cayuga
Iroquoian, Iroquoian language, Iroquois - a family of North American Indian languages spoken by the Iroquois
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In 1779 an expedition was sent against the hostile Indians, who dwelt about a hundred miles west of Otsego, on the banks of the Cayuga. The whole country was then a wilderness, and it was necessary to transport the bag gage of the troops by means of the rivers—a devious but practicable route.
Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has proposed a plan to clean a discrete area of the Cayuga County Ground Water Contamination Site in Cayuga County, New York, extending towards Union Springs.
Cayuga Lake National Bank has said that it has appointed a new senior vice president for credit administration.
Cayuga's child care program serves over 80 children.
It is a state-chartered bank with six offices in Chemung County, NY; three offices in Tompkins County, NY; two offices in Steuben County, NY; one office in Cayuga County, NY; one office in Schuyler County; and a loan center in Broome County, NY.
But caseworkers at Cayuga Centres in New York, where the boy had been placed, told her lawyer that the government's vetting process for reunification would take time.
Bath Hatchery staff are responsible for stocking streams, lakes and ponds in nine counties across the Finger Lakes region: Broome, Cayuga, Chemung, Seneca, Schuyler, Steuben, Tioga, Tompkins and Yates.
million; Quapaw Tribe of Oklahoma, $4.59 million; Seminole Nation of Oklahoma, $900,000; Seneca Cayuga Nation, $25,000; and Wyandotte Nation, $200,19.
Pictured l-r: Dvir Cohen-Hoshen, Co-founder and Managing Member of Adam America Real Estate; Matthew Baron, President of Simon Baron Development; Ari Shalam, Founder and Managing Partner of RWN Real Estate Partners; Jacob Sacks, Principal of Cayuga Capital Management; Shimon Shkury; and Mark M.
Aylesbury Cayuga an as heavy d grow to w Emma is now considering breeding her pet - but only if the mothering.
Damien Rzepka rattled in and arrowed this great New York 9-pointer while hunting in Cayuga Co.
Tampa, FL, April 19, 2016 --( Mount Olive Missionary Baptist Church, 4008 East Cayuga Street, Tampa - A year ago the Mount Olive Missionary Baptist Church was planning for a Garden Ground Breaking Celebration to plant seeds for those in need.