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 (kā-yo͞o′gə, kī-)
n. pl. Cayuga or Ca·yu·gas
1. A member of a Native American people formerly inhabiting the shores of Cayuga Lake in west-central New York, with present-day populations in Ontario, western New York, Wisconsin, and Oklahoma. The Cayuga are one of the five original tribes of the Iroquois confederacy.
2. The Iroquoian language spoken by the Cayuga.
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Arcara issued a temporary restraining order in a lawsuit brought by the Seneca Nation, and joined by the Cayuga Nation.
A member of the Cayuga Nation of the Six Nations Iroquois Confederacy, Bomberry is well-known for her work strengthening the church's ministry with native people.
Speakers: Arni Brownstone, ROM; Trudy Nicks, ROM; Samuel Thomas, Cayuga Nation artist/teacher; Adrienne Hood, University of Toronto; Jennifer Salahub, Alberta College of Art & Design
We begin our conversation about decolonization on our way to the lower longhouse of the Cayuga Nation, the first stop on Jacqueline's tour of Six Nations of the Grand River and surrounding area.
Nearly 80 years since a delegation from the Cayuga Nation first petitioned the League of Nations (unsuccessfully) for inclusion within its membership, the world's indigenous peoples have finally been welcomed at the proverbial table among world leaders who forged the alliances, signed the treaties, and initiated the economic development which has heretofore determined their destinies.
Clint Halftown of the Cayuga Nation posted one of the gentler replies when asked what he thought.
With respect to our ongoing relationship with the Cayuga Nation, we are continuing to evaluate sites that may be suitable for trust lands for proposed Cayuga Nation casino in the Catskills, including at the Concord.
In connection with the transaction, the Company acquired 100% of the Sellers' interests in (1) the existing harness racing operations at Monticello Raceway in New York, (2) the development and management of the proposed Cayuga Catskills Resort, a Class III casino to be developed and managed by the Company on behalf of the Cayuga Nation of New York on a site adjoining the raceway, and (3) the development and operation of 1,800 video gaming machines (VGM's) recently approved by the State of New York Lottery Commission to be installed at the raceway.
In much the same way that the Provisional Council sought to alleviate such matters earlier this year by holding a special election, this new course of action is a positive step towards uniting the Cayuga Nation and pursuing what is best for all members in the State of New York.
Together with the Cayuga Nation of New York, Empire has also announced plans to develop a $500 million "Class III" Native American casino and resort on a site adjacent to the Raceway, and the company is also working to develop other gaming and non-gaming resort projects in the Catskill's region.
The Cayuga Nation rejects the inflammatory comments made by a small anti-gaming faction of the Nation.
NASDAQ:NYNY) announced that the Cayuga Nation of New York has entered into an agreement to extend the effective dates of their agreements with the Company through December 31, 2005.