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 (kī-yo͞os′, kī′yo͞os′)
n. pl. Cayuse or Cay·us·es
1. A member of a Native American people inhabiting northeast Oregon and southeast Washington.
a. The extinct traditional language of the Cayuse, not closely related to any other.
b. The dialect of Nez Perce spoken by the Cayuse in the 1800s and 1900s.

[From Columbian Salish (Salish language of the Columbia River valley) qayús, Cayuse or a kindred word in another language of the Pacific Northwest .]


 (kī-yo͞os′, kī′yo͞os′)
n. Pacific Northwest
A small sturdy horse, especially a Cayuse Indian pony.

[Short for cayuse pony, from Cayuse.]


(Animals) Western US and Canadian a small Native American pony used by cowboys
[C19: from a Chinookan language]


(kaɪˈyus, ˈkaɪ us)

Western U.S. a horse, esp. an Indian pony.
[1830–40; Cayuse, American Indian people of Oregon]
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Noun1.cayuse - a small native range horsecayuse - a small native range horse    
pony - a range horse of the western United States
References in classic literature ?
Druther break cayuses any day, and twice on Sundays," was the reply of the driver, as he climbed on the wagon and started the horses.
to the cayuses he had ridden during his eastern Oregon boyhood.
Even the ladies have very much to say of these quadrupedal friends of man, to the no small astonishment of the visitor who, however, in a week finds himself talking as constantly and as confidently of cayuses and bronchos, of corrals and branding and rounding up as a true soul of the plains and not a mere newly arrived tender-foot.