Cecil John Rhodes

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Noun1.Cecil John Rhodes - British colonial financier and statesman in South AfricaCecil John Rhodes - British colonial financier and statesman in South Africa; made a fortune in gold and diamond mining; helped colonize the territory now known as Zimbabwe; he endowed annual fellowships for British Commonwealth and United States students to study at Oxford University (1853-1902)
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Pennefather was the leader of the Pioneer Column that invaded modern-day Zimbabwe to create Rhodesia under the instructions of Cecil John Rhodes. It's as repulsive as having Mary the I mother of Jesus making her home on Judas Avenue.
Further perusal through some of the material on display at Supa Ngwao Museum, it becomes crystal clear that the town was a strategic imperative for Emperor Cecil John Rhodes' uncompleted project to cross Africa from South to North by rail.
During 2015 protests in South Africa, excrement was thrown on a University of Cape Town statue of British imperialist Cecil John Rhodes that was eventually removed.
The bronze statue of British colonialist Cecil John Rhodes is removed from the Cape Town University campus, South Africa.
In the late 19th century Cecil John Rhodes established the British South Africa Company (BSAC) to exploit the mineral wealth of Matabeleland and Mashonaland.
Hence, we recognize in this special issue the importance of a liberation consciousness that in 2015 gave us #RhodesMustFall (#RMF) via social media (Twitter) youth activism in South Africa that began at the University of Cape Town which focused on the decolonization of education and the removal of the statue of British colonialist Cecil John Rhodes.
The statue was installed at Kensington Gardens in 1907 to commemorate English-born Cecil John Rhodes, the diamond miner and founder of Rhodesia, now known as Zimbabwe.
De Klerk has pushed back against Oxford University's Oriel College campaign to remove a statue of Cecil John Rhodes from the Oxford, England, campus.
The Student Representative Council (SRC) has been agitating about the statue of old colonialist Cecil John Rhodes.