Cedrus deodara

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Noun1.Cedrus deodara - tall East Indian cedar having spreading branches with nodding tips; highly valued for its appearance as well as its timber
true cedar, cedar tree, cedar - any cedar of the genus Cedrus
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The study sites in MNP having comparatively higher population density contained mixed coniferous-broad leave forest with dominant plant species of Pinus wallichiana (0.49/10m2), Abies pindrow (0.27/10m2), Quercus incana (0.03/10m2), Aesculus indica (0.11/10m2), Taxus wallichiana zucc., (0.01/10m2) Cedrus deodara (0.01/10m2), Indigofera heterantha (0.25/10m2), Geranium wallichianum (0.22/10m2) and Ajuga bracteosa (0.15/10m2) falling between 2800 m and 3300 m elevation characterized by steep slopes, rocky and rugged terrain covered by thick vegetation.
Nearly all wood used for furniture making is Shisham (Dalbergia sissoo, 82 percent), with small quantities of deodar (Cedrus deodara), poplar (Populus deltoids), mulberry (Morus alba) and other species.
v) Dry Temperate Coniferous Forests dominated by Abies pindrow, Picea smithiana, Cedrus deodara and Pinus wallichiana, in the inner or northerly slopes of the Himalayas in parts of Gilgit, Diamer, and Skardu districts,
Passages from ancient Indian texts also demonstrate a rich and lengthy history of using OPC-containing plants for therapeutic purposes: two plants that figure prominently in Ayurvedic literature (Cedrus deodara, or Himalayan cedar, and Pinus roxburghii, or Indian longleaf pine) have been described as possessing central nervous system effects, and have traditionally been used in Ayurvedic medicine to treat disorders of the mind.
The results are contrast with the reports on Cedrus deodara [32] and Gingko biloba [23], which revealed that the IBA was more effective for root induction in stem cuttings.
A novel lignan composition from Cedrus deodara induces apoptosis and early nitric oxide generation in human leukemia Molt-4 and HL-60 cells.
Cedrus deodara, Pinus wallichiana, Picea smithiana, and Abies pindrow were extensively used in construction (240 citations).
The current assessment from Jammu & Kashmir has shown occurrences of Olea cuspidata along with Pinus roxburghii, Cedrus deodara, Punica granatum and Celtis australis.
The forest experts say where there grows deodar (Cedrus deodara) the monsoon doesn't happen there but when it gets there it brings nothing but devastation.