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A broad-spectrum cephalosporin antibiotic, C13H13N5O5S2, used in the form of its sodium salt.

[cef(a)- + t(h)i(a)z(ole) + oxime.]
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Disk diffusion using Kirby-Bauer method was used to study antimicrobial susceptibility testing (AST), as described by CLSI.14 Antibiotic disc concentrations varied for AST: oxytetracycline (30 mcg), ticarcillin (85 mcg), cefipime (30 mcg), cefuroxime (30 mcg), ceftriaxone (30 mcg), norfloxacin (10 mcg), nalidixic acid (30 mcg), cefadroxil (30 mcg), amoxycillin (30 mcg), ceftazidime (30 mcg), polymixin-b (300 mcg) cefoperazone (75 mcg), co-trimoxazole (25 mcg), ampicillin (20 mcg), piperacillin (100 mcg), chloramphenicol (30 mcg), cefotaxime (30 mcg), ceftizoxime (30 mcg), ciprofloxacin (5 mcg), of loxacin (5 mcg), tetracycline (30 mcg), amikacin (30 mcg), gatifloxacin (10 mcg) and gentamicin (10 mcg).
pneumoniae according to CLSI were assessed for gentamicin (10 [micro]g), aztreonam (30 [micro]g), cefepime (30 [micro]g), cefotaxime (30 [micro]g), cefixime (10 [micro]g), ceftazidime (30 [micro]g), ceftizoxime (30 [micro]g), ciprofloxacin (5 [micro]g), ceftriaxone (30 [micro]g), imipenem (10 [micro]g), and meropenem (30 [micro]g) (Mast, London, UK), determined by the disk diffusion method.
Evaluation of probucol as suppressor of Ceftizoxime induced lipid peroxidation.
The cow was treated with Zoctim (a) (Ceftizoxime sodium) @ 5 mg/kg b.
Fewer than 0.5% of patients were treated with a regimen suggesting treatment of a patient with a cephalosporin allergy (e.g., azithromycin plus either gentamicin or gemifloxacin) or a patient with a complicated gonococcal infection (e.g., azithromycin plus either cefotaxime or ceftizoxime).
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The following antimicrobial discs were used; ciprofloxacin (5 [micro]g), erythromycin (15 [micro]g), cloxacillin (30 [micro]g), vancomycin (30 [micro]g), ceftizoxime (30 [micro]g), ampicillin (10 [micro]g), penicillin (10 [micro]g), methicillin (5 [micro]g), amikacin (30 [micro]g), cefoxitin (30 [micro]g), oxacillin (1 [micro]g), and gentamicin (10 [micro]g).
Her updated medications included ceftizoxime and mucosolvan.
Before 2010, Enterobacteriaceae isolates with MICs less than or equal to 8 [micro]g/mL for cefazolin, cefotaxime, ceftazidime, ceftizoxime, and ceftriaxone were considered susceptible.