Ceiling boards

Thin narrow boards used to ceil with.

See also: Ceiling

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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At the mall, dozens of products made of recycled tetra pak materials, from classroom desks to kitchen tables, garbage bins and ceiling boards were put on display for the public.
He used scavenged masonite ceiling boards for canvases and bicycle enamel paint from one of his early careers as a bicycle repairman.
Roofs were painted, footpaths fixed, ceiling boards replaced, furniture repainted, gardens were cleaned, broken windows replaced and other damages fixed.
QCOULD you advise what products to use to get rid of black mould on my ceiling boards in the bathroom?
Tijjani Tumsah said a total of 298,000 pieces of timber, 59,710 ceiling boards and 20,865 bags of assorted nails were handed over to the government for use.
For other project types, elements go through more stringent ratings: wind load capacities for curtain walls and windows; moisture-resistance for ceiling boards; fire-retardance and abrasion resistance for fabrics; anti-slip ratings for flooring materials; color rendering or temperature indices for lighting; and the list goes on.
These include replacement of worn-out interiors such as counters, lighting, and ceiling boards, reconfiguration of the check-in lobby and waiting areas to free up more space, improved resort airport theme design, with abundant plant arrangement interiors, provision of new seats and furniture for added comfort, upgrading security procedures to lessen passenger queuing, construction of a greeter's area and installation of new equipment, such as self-service check-in kiosks.
The deputy chief said firefighters had to do back-breaking work to pull out ceiling boards to get at the growing flames.
* Sagging ceiling tiles or boards, ceiling boards falling out of the ceiling grid, or sagging sprinkler lines and sprinkler heads
Trisoft also produces a full and complete line of thermal and acoustic insulation that is steadily replacing fiberglass in drywall, ceiling boards, decorative HD printed noise-absorbing boards, wall panels and under-roof thermal insulation, as well as a line of power generator cabin insulators and automobile noise insulators.