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1. Greek Mythology One of the Pleiades.
2. One of the six stars in the Pleiades cluster visible to the naked eye.

[Latin Celaenō, from Greek Kelainō.]


(Classical Myth & Legend) Greek myth one of the Pleiades
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whose stars are these: -- `Lovely Teygata, and dark-faced Electra, and Alcyone, and bright Asterope, and Celaeno, and Maia, and Merope, whom glorious Atlas begot.
From Alaska, I took the ferry down to Washington state, where I helped an old friend-turned-vintner press the season's grapes (a 14 Viognier from Celaeno Winery).
Celaeno actively seeks to kill anything she can; so too does the griffin,
As with Mommy Fortuna, who keeps her death at bay by holding Celaeno, King Haggard keeps his death at bay by holding the Red Bull.
Celaeno the harpy is frequently described as "immortal.
In the film version of The Last Unicorn, also written by Beagle, her aspirations are even more explicit, and she insists that Celaeno "will remember forever that I caught her, that I held her prisoner.
That is the same fallacy Mommy Fortuna made in trying to keep Celaeno.
Lately only six members can be seen with the naked eye due to the slight fading from view of one of the sisters, Celaeno.
Inside this narrative are the embedded narratives of ghosts, spirits, and monsters such as Celaeno, leader of the Harpies.