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also play list  (plā′lĭst′)
1. A list of musical selections for broadcast or performance: the radio station's playlist of songs.
2. A digital file designating a set of audio or video recordings to be played one after the other.


1. (Broadcasting) a list of records chosen for playing, as on a radio station
2. (Broadcasting) a list of tracks to be played in a particular order on an MP3 player or CD player
(Broadcasting) (tr) to put (a song or record) on a playlist



a list or schedule of the recordings to be played on the radio during a particular program or time period.
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Noun1.playlist - a list of musical selections for performance or for broadcast by radio
list, listing - a database containing an ordered array of items (names or topics)


[ˈpleɪlɪst] N (Rad) → lista f discográfica
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Your celebrity playlist was great (listening to it right now!) but I especially loved the piece on Janis Joplin ["The Pearl," Vol.
Missy Elliott's celebrity playlist (Apple iTunes Store) I'm into celebrity playlists in general as a newly evolving form of public speech, but I have to admit Missy's is one of the few totally listenable ones available on iTunes.
The site will also be adding hundreds of new radio stations and celebrity playlists, all up for selection by users.