Celestial magic

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a supposed supernatural power which gave to spirits a kind of dominion over the planets, and to the planets an influence over men.

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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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STRATFORD: 2.00 Merry Milan, 2.35 No Ceiling, 3.10 Opera Buffa, 3.40 Fingerontheswitch, 4.10 Rocket Ronnie, 4.40 Celestial Magic, 5.10 Strike In Milan.
The Manx Electric and Snaefell Mountain Railways will take visitors up to the highest point of the 2,034ft peak, where they can raise a glass and enjoy a warming three-course supper before stepping outside for a night of celestial magic. It's PS29 per person, including return tram travel and dinner.
Our celestial magic is a variation of the effect in "A Magic Tour" (February 2011) which in turn was an adaptation from Jim Steinmeyer's Subsequent Impuzzibilities.
Australian jockey Dwayne Dunn was the other star in the saddle, landing his first Hong Kong four-timer with victory on Songs Of Praise (68-1), Perfetto (6-4), Celestial Magic (7-2) and Sirocco (16-1).
Also in the second book of Agrippa's De occulta philosophia (1533), to which Bruno frequently alludes, the principles of celestial magic are expounded according to the properties of mathematics, and it is recalled how since ancient times philosophers have linked to mathematics "the greatest mysteries both of natural things and of divine celestial things." (97) Calling on the authority of Boethius, he affirms that nature has produced everything "under the regime of numbers," (98) star ting from "time's cycles, the movement of the planets" and "the mutability of the sky." (99)
Equally important is his argument in the former article that the type of celestial magic prescribed by the Picatrix, in which detailed astrological rules are combined with the ancient practice of vivifying a statue by drawing down "a god or demon to inhabit a statue," does not significantly predate al-Kindi.