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 (lĭ-gä′tō) Music
adv. & adj. Abbr. leg.
In a smooth, even style without any noticeable break between the notes. Used chiefly as a direction.
n. pl. le·ga·tos
A legato passage or movement.

[Italian, past participle of legare, to bind, tie together, from Latin ligāre; see leig- in Indo-European roots.]
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(lɪˈɡɑːtəʊ) music
adj, adv
(Music, other) to be performed smoothly and connectedly
n, pl -tos
(Music, other)
a. a style of playing in which no perceptible gaps are left between notes
b. (as modifier): a legato passage.
[C19: from Italian, literally: bound]
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(ləˈgɑ toʊ)

adj., adv. Music.
smooth and connected; without breaks between the successive tones. Compare staccato.
[1805–15; < Italian, past participle of legare to bind, tie < Latin ligāre; compare league1]
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Adj.1.legato - (music) without breaks between notes; smooth and connected; "a legato passage"
music - an artistic form of auditory communication incorporating instrumental or vocal tones in a structured and continuous manner
disconnected, staccato - (music) marked by or composed of disconnected parts or sounds; cut short crisply; "staccato applause"; "a staccato command"; "staccato notes"
Adv.1.legato - connecting the notes; in music; "play this legato, please"
staccato - separating the notes; in music; "play this staccato, please"
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[lɪˈgɑːtəʊ] (Mus)
A. ADJligado
B. ADVligado
C. Nligadura f
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