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cell′ biol`ogy

the branch of biology dealing with the study of cells, esp. their formation, structure, and function.
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But as time has gone on, we've found that our reputation for being great cell biologists has resulted in the custom research part of our business really growing.
8220;The technology is analogous to the popular coin sorter CoinStar but for cell biologists,” says CEO of NanoCellect, Jose Morachis, “You throw in a mixture of cells (coins) and a machine effortlessly counts them and sorts them into individual groups.
Here biomedical engineers, cell biologists, and other researchers explore some of the current research that focuses on in vivo cell cytometry in diagnosis.
It's a game-changing technology which enables cell biologists to do things they've historically not been able to do before.
In their study, the UC San Diego chemists, bioengineers at MIT and cell biologists at UC Santa Barbara developed a system containing two different nanomaterials the size of only a few nanometers, or a thousand times smaller than the diameter of a human hair, that can be injected into the bloodstream.
Designed primarily for pharmaceutical chemists, biochemists, molecular and cell biologists, cancer researchers, pharmacologists and students, this textbook focuses exclusively on galectins, which are proteins that affect the cells in many profound ways.
The more they talk about little men from Mars and time-traveling cell biologists, the more they discredit themselves.
These diverse data and reagents are being generated by investigators from several different research communities, including geneticists, gene sequencers, gene mappers, cell biologists, developmental biologists, and bioinformatics experts.
We have a strong team of medics and cell biologists, and with cutting-edge technology we are able to learn more about the biology of the enzyme, how it can be targeted in patients and to increase effectiveness of treatments.
In Birmingham we are equipped to hopefully make a big impact internationally in our work with this enzyme," says Dr Bunce"We have a strong team of medics and cell biologists, and with cutting-edge technology, we are able to learn more about the biology of the enzyme and how it can be targeted in treating patients.
Niehoff clearly defines the acronym-laden and inscrutable jargon of cell biologists.
At council meetings, I consistently sensed resistance to presenting human embryonic stem cell research in a way that would acknowledge the scientific, experimentally verified realities," Blackburn, one of two cell biologists on the commission, wrote in an article that appeared in The Washington Post.