Cell cleavage

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(Biol.) multiplication of cells by fission. See Segmentation.

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Microtubules are the only structural constituent of the spindle apparatus required for induction of cell cleavage.
Wilson himself had described how chromosomes divide before cell cleavage and are united in pairs in the new cells.
Hence, though the cytoskeletal structure of the ovum, and the maternal cytoplasm may produce cell cleavage and even some rudimentary differentiation, such activity is not organized, for lack of an organizer; so we could contend that no organism was ever present.
25) Given that the zygote does use extragenomic material, this claim is unremarkable in itself, since in the zygote there exist extranuclear materials in its cytoplasm, derived from the mother, which cause cell cleavage.
Evidence of cell cleavage in intact eggs was scored after 3 h.
884), but regressions of fertilization success scored using cell cleavage did not (mean [R.
Although fertilization success did not decline at high sperm concentrations when scored from fertilization envelopes, fertilization decreased in most replicates when cell cleavage was scored.
In contrast, the linear regression analysis of the cell cleavage data did not fit the data well compared with the nonlinear model.
Microtubules continuously dictate distribution of actin filaments and positioning of cell cleavage in grasshopper spermatocytes.
Several recent studies have implicated Ca++ signaling in cell cleavage, particularly cytokinesis (1-4).
To shed some light on this problem, we decided to combine a number of recently developed imaging techniques to examine the variation of intracellular free Ca++ in zebrafish embryos during early cell cleavage.
The paired images presented in Figure 1 (left: Calcium-Green, right: rhodamine) show that there was no spatial or temporal change in the rhodamine signal during cell cleavage, indicating that the observed changes in the Calcium-Green signal are a true reflection of [[Ca++].