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Noun1.resting potential - the potential difference between the two sides of the membrane of a nerve cell when the cell is not conducting an impulse
electric potential, potential difference, potential drop, voltage, potential - the difference in electrical charge between two points in a circuit expressed in volts
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Epigenetic Control of Stem Cell Potential during Homeostasis, Aging, and Disease.
the structural investigation contract includes vertical and horizontal coring, concrete break-outs, ferro-scan surveys and half cell potential & resistivity surveys of rc beams, slabs and pier supports.
Put another way, every community has a NIMBY sleeper cell potential of residents and activists who are ready to mobilize opposition to any project.
Harnessing stem cell potential requires techniques to culture cells under conditions allowing robust production and consistent function of target adult cells of interest, while avoiding unwanted genetic and epigenetic changes resulting from aberrant differentiation.
The potential between the electrodes defined as E0 is defined as the quantitative measure of the maximum cell potential open [13, 14] circuit, and is given by the following equation: