Celtis laevigata

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Noun1.Celtis laevigata - deciduous shade tree with small black berries; southern United States; yields soft yellowish wood
Celtis, genus Celtis - large genus of trees and shrubs with berrylike fruit
hackberry, nettle tree - any of various trees of the genus Celtis having inconspicuous flowers and small berrylike fruits
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This is evident by the presence of Aristolochia tomentosa, Aster praealtus, Carex conjuncta, Forestiera acuminaa, and Celtis laevigata, which all have C-values equal to or greater than six and are commonly found in wetlands.
At all three sites, the correlation coefficient, r, indicated a significant intraspecific interaction for Quercus virginiana and Celtis laevigata (Table 2).
Celtis laevigata has been described as a mid-successional to late-successional species within southern Texas (Bush and Richter, 2006).
Woody taxon Site 1 Site 2 Site 3 Acer saccharum (1) X Amelanchier arborea X Bumelia lycioides X X Carya ovata (1) X X X Carya ovalis (1) X X Carya cordiformis (1) X Celtis laevigata (1) X X Cercis canadensis X X X Cornusn florida X Forestiera ligustrina X Fraxinus pennsylvanica (1) X Gleditsia tricanthos (1) X X Hypericum densiflorum X Lonicera spp.
Light requirements of Acacia smallii and Celtis laevigata in relation to secondary succession on floodplains of South Texas.
Understory trees were not common; Celtis laevigata (sugarberry) was the most numerous with 7 stems/ha.