a.1.Of or pertaining to cement, as of a tooth; as, cemental tubes.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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(20-22) The Steffee was a similar ball-and-socket cemental total joint replacement with cobalt-chrome alloy metacarpal stem and ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene cup.
As the lesion matures, the differential diagnosis should include osteoblastoma, odontoma, hypercementosis, cemental dysplasia, and condensing osteitis as is discussed below:
Periapical Cemental Dysplasia resembling apical granulomata and radicular cysts.
Complete and incomplete canal cracks were more common (41% and 32%, respectively) than intradentine and cemental cracks (22% and 5%, respectively).
It is considered to be the only true neoplasm of cemental origin [1, 2].
Cemental deposition, tooth succession, and horn development as criteria of age in Dali sheep.
(Figure 9) While focusing on discussing the "absorbent organ", referring to the natural destruction of the primary tooth root during permanent tooth eruption, Kronfeld went into depth on the concept of resorption detailing its presence, etiologies and nuances in occlusal trauma, idiopathic entities, deciduous teeth, the role of the dental pulp, impacted teeth, radiographic assessments, in pulpless teeth, in replanted teeth, due to tumors, its presence in orthodontia and its role in cemental repair.
The effect of chewing sorbitol-sweetened gum on salivary flow and cemental plaque pH in subjects with low salivary flow.
Objective: The present study aimed to determine the prevalence of cemental tears and evaluate its relation with patient gender, age and tooth type in a population of adult dental patients applied to the university hospital in the center Black Sea Region of Turkey.
Ellila et al., "Periapical cemental dysplasia is common in women with NF1," European Journal of Medical Genetics, vol.
Another function of the cemental layer is related to its ability to inhibit the movement of toxins if present in the root canal space into the surrounding periodontal tissues.