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n.1.Meal-taking; dining or supping.
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While John Cena was conspicuously absent during the RAW event at Niagara Centre in Buffalo, the leader of Cenation is expected to begin recruiting his five-man team that will tussle with McMahon's Tea Authority during the upcoming pay-per-view Survivor Series Nov.
JOHN CENA A fixture in the WWE championship scene dating back to his first World title win at Wrestlemania 21, the leader of the Cenation switches his focus to defend his storied legacy against the twisted Bray Wyatt and his cult-like minions.
His previous preference was to challenge John Cena in a bout pitting old versus new but the outfit has other plans for the leader of Cenation.
Cena, on the other hand, is being pitted next against Russian Ruslev which is just apt considering that the leader of Cenation is the poster boy of patriotism.
The WWE could market himas underdog once again and rebrand his obviously outmatched build-up in the two pay-per-view losses to the leader of Cenation.
Many are when will the baby-faced leader of Cenation will embrace the dark side.
At this point, the script is all too worn out and overused from Hulk Hogan to The Rock all the way to Cenation.
What made the situation more complex was that he did not take kindly the comments of the leader of Cenation that he was prioritizing his movie career over wrestling.
WWE needed a man to fill the Cenation Leader's spot and chose to propel Ryback from the midcard to the main event.
The day after John Cena lost to The Rock at WrestleMania XXVIII, Brock Lesnar returned to face the Cenation Leader.