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Noun1.Cenchrus - a genus of grasses of the family Gramineae that have bursCenchrus - a genus of grasses of the family Gramineae that have burs
liliopsid genus, monocot genus - genus of flowering plants having a single cotyledon (embryonic leaf) in the seed
family Graminaceae, family Gramineae, family Poaceae, Graminaceae, Gramineae, grass family, Poaceae - the grasses: chiefly herbaceous but some woody plants including cereals; bamboo; reeds; sugar cane
bur grass, burgrass - a grass of the genus Cenchrus
Cenchrus tribuloides, field sandbur, sandbur, sandspur - grass of the eastern United States and tropical America having spikelets enclosed in prickly burs
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1) Casuarina glauca Sieber ex Spreng Hammerton, 2001 Cenchrus purpureus (Schumach.
The herbaceous layer is marked by grass species such as Cenchrus biflorus, Schoenfeldia gracilis, Eragrostis tremula and Dactyloctenium aegyptium.
Grasses: Chrysopogon monatus, Chrysopogon aucheri, Themeda anathera, Bothriothloa pertusa, Aristida mutabilis, Cenchrus ciliaris, Digitaria nodos, Desmostachya bipinnata, Imperarta cylindrical, Eleusine compressa, Cynodon dactylon, Panicum antidorale, Pennisetum orientate, Polvpogon monspeliensis, Cymobopogon jawarancusa, Eulatiopsis binata Desert Trees/Shrubs: Araria jacquemontii, Aracia rangelands nilotica, Acacia Senegal, Calligonum polygonoides, Euphorbia cadurifolia.
In addition to Pennisetum, modern reference specimens of related genera (including domesticated and wild species), such as Brachiaria, Digitaria, Echinochloa, Panicum, Paspalum, Setaria and Sorghum as well as Cenchrus were examined for comparison, with special emphasis on species used in ancient and recent times by peoples of the Sahara and adjacent regions (Harlan 1989; Wasylikowa 1997; Barakat & Fahmy 1999).
Increaser species included natives and exotics, with buffel grass, Cenchrus ciliaris, a prominent exotic increaser at one gradient.
MacKay DC, Russell JS (1975) Rates of growth, potassium uptake, and changes in the potassium properties of four Queensland soils during intensive cropping by buffel grass, Cenchrus ciliaris.
The weeds, Bidens pilosa, Eleusine indica and Cenchrus echinatus, anticipated the reproductive stadium when grown in fumigated soil.
2006); (4) panicles with bristles of similar or different lengths (Doust & Kellogg, 2002); (5) panicles with primary branches with short internodes, with the resulting appearance of a central axis surrounded by concentric rings of bristles (Penisetum and Cenchrus, Doust & Kellogg, 2002) (6) short or long inflorescence peduncle.