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 (chĕn′chē), Beatrice 1577-1599.
Italian noblewoman who was beheaded for patricide. She is depicted in many works of art and literature, including Percy Shelley's The Cenci (1819).


(ˈtʃɛn tʃi)

Beatrice, 1577–1599, Italian parricide whose life is the subject of various novels and poems.
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Not by the horrible things imputed both ways; I know (though it's not modern to say so) that human nature in the highest places is still capable of being Cenci or Borgia.
It is rather for Shelley's shorter poems, his lyrics, that I would try to gain your love at present, for although he wrote The Cenci, the best tragedy of his time, a tragedy which by its terror and pain links him with Shakespeare, it is as a lyric poet that we love Shelley.
EXCEMED is proud to present these tools to doctors with particular acknowledgement to the truly global nature of what we are offering - the Scientific Committee for these projects draw top experts from Europe, the Middle East, Asia and Latin America," says Roberta Cenci, Head of Educational Strategy for EXCEMED.
It is tempting to see this as something awful but banal--domestic violence toward women is nothing new, and late eighteenth-century literature, especially the Gothic, is full of despotic and deranged men, like Lewis's diabolical monk and, later, Shelley's contemptible Count Cenci.
Here Cameron reveals her fascination with the story of Beatrice Cenci, the daughter of a 16th-century Florentine count who conspired with her stepmother and brothers to have her tyrannical father killed after he raped her.
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Pisana explains to Carlo that "si era fermata senza pensarci e che in quanto alla Rosa le avea fatto compassione il vederla coperta di cenci e intristita in viso per miseria" (683).
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As an alumnus of Prop and the Urban University myself (1952-56) and then of the Pontifical Lateran University (1956-61), I grieved over Howard's account of the troubled final years of Monsignor Felice Cenci as Rector of a college that he had headed and where he was much loved for close to a quarter of a century.
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