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n. pl. Tem·pra·nil·los
1. A variety of grape grown originally in Spain and Portugal that is a principal ingredient of Rioja and port.
2. A red or white wine made from this grape.

[Spanish tempranillo, from Old Spanish, from diminutive of temprano, early (in reference to the grape's early ripening), from Vulgar Latin *temporānus, alteration of Latin temporāneus, timely, opportune : tempus, tempor-, time + -āneus, adj. suff.]
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Intraspecific genetic diversity of lactic acid bacteria from malolactic fermentation of Cencibel wines as derived from combined analysis of RAPD-PCR and PFGE patterns.
The aroma sensory profile of wines of many varieties has been characterized using descriptive sensory analysis, such as, Chardonnay [7], Semillon y Sauvignon Blanc [8], Cabernet Sauvignon [9], Shiraz [10], Airen [11], Touriga Nacional [12], Mencia [13], Tannat [14], Sauvignon blanc [15], Cabernet Sauvignon [16], Albarino [17], Albillo [18], Pinot noir [19], and Cencibel, Bobal and Moravia Agria [20].
The local Consejo Regulado is encouraging growers to pull out Airen and replace it with the other allowed varietals including Tempranillo, which in this part of Spain is referred to as Cencibel, that can, with carbonic maceration, be made into decent soft red wines.
Para el epicarpio, el contenido de FDT de las uvas Red Globe y Criolla Negra fue de 35,6 y 17,8g x [100.sup.g-1], respectivamente, valores interiores a los obtenidos por Bravo y Saura-Calixto (1998) que reportaron para la variedad Cencibel un promedio de 54,2g x [100.sup.g-1].
Influence of ethanol content on the extent of copigmentation in a cencibel young red wine.
INSTEAD of Rioja, try tempranillo from Spain's lesser known Almansa region where it is known as cencibel. Marius Reserva is pounds 8 at Gap Wines on the Antrim Road for a dark, spicey red.
It's mainly planted with the cencibel red grape vines which is the local name for Spain's main variety the tempranillo.
In Ribera del Duero it's Tinto Fino' in Cigales it's Tinto del Pa's' in Toro (rather proprietarily) it's Tinta de Toro' in La Mancha and Valdepeuas it's Cencibel, and in Catalonia it's Ull de Llebre.
names, including Tinto de Toro, Tinto Madrid, Cencibel, Tinto Fino and
Valdepenas, just to the south of the vast central plains of La Mancha, has led the way with extremely good value wines based on Cencibel, the regional name for Tempranillo.