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 (sə-nē′), Mont
A mountain pass, 2,083 m (6,834 ft) high, in the Alps on the French-Italian border. It was long important as an invasion route.


(French səni)
(Placename) Mont Cenis a pass over the Graian Alps in SE France, between Lanslebourg (France) and Susa (Italy): nearby tunnel, opened in 1871. Highest point: 2082 m (6831 ft). Italian name: Monte Cenisio



Mont (mɔ̃) a mountain pass between SE France and Italy, in the Alps. 6834 ft. (2083 m) high.
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From London to Suez via Mont Cenis and Brindisi, by rail and steamboats .
Felix conducted the fugitives through France to Lyons and across Mont Cenis to Leghorn, where the merchant had decided to wait a favourable opportunity of passing into some part of the Turkish dominions.
EXA EX CTLY what happened on the doomed trawler Ocean Way is at the cenis at the cen W -tre of a probe as it emerged the skipper may have been from Tyneside.
He moves the story on at an entertaining pace and memorably renders such scenes as the assault by the French troops on the Piedmontese in the glaciers of Mont Cenis and the arrival of distinguished French savants on the beaches of Alexandria as part of Napoleon's conquest of Egypt.
And the fun didn't stop there - a chairlift and a short walk away from Val Cenis you can try dog sledding.
Less than two years after announcing plans to build the properties, MGMhas sold all but a handful of the 90 apartments nearing completion in its new rsidence de tourisme, in Val Cenis, in the Haute-Maurienne.
Val Cenis Vanoise is the main ski area with 125km of slopes between 1200m and 2800m high.
MGM are to build a new residence de tourisme at Val Cenis (which Lanslebourg is now part of) close to the Italian border.
Our destination was Val Cenis, situated in the Haute-Maurienne region of the French Alps, close to the Italian border and nestling between the villages of Lanslebourg and Lanslevillard.
However, after just one week we all felt we'd improved markedly and were capable of handling most of what Val Cenis could throw at us, though not necessarily with grace or at speed.
Once you've mastered that, you'll want to move on to the slightly more challenging blue runs, and once again, Val Cenis scores big time in this department.