Centaurea americana

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Noun1.Centaurea americana - annual of southwestern United States cultivated for its purple flower heads and its bracts that resemble small baskets
centaury - any plant of the genus Centaurea
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You can also sow some hardy annuals in late summer - Chiltern Seeds (www.chilternseeds.co.uk, 01491 824675) is now offering a number of new varieties including Centaurea americana 'Aloha Blanca', which is robust and tall growing, bearing beautiful, fluffy, ivory-white flowers six inches across, and Papaver somniferum 'Lauren''s Grape', which has crisp, velvety, deep plum-purple petals and attractive grey-blue-green foliage.
Cooper G, Laird A, Nahar L, Sarker SD (2001) Lignan glucosides from the seeds of Centaurea americana (Compositae).