Center of pressure

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(Hydros.) that point in a surface pressed by a fluid, at which, if a force equal to the whole pressure and in the same line be applied in a contrary direction, it will balance or counteract the whole pressure of the fluid.

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Intrasession reliability of center of pressure measures of postural steadiness in healthy elderly people.
This can be corrected for by using information of the center of pressure position and an additional curve extracted from the plenum-to-plenum test rig or similar facility.
Khoury M, Wolf A, Debbi EM, Herman A, Haim A (2013) Foot center of pressure trajectory alteration by biomechanical manipulation of shoe design.
As indicated by center of pressure analysis, initial contact made with the rear one-third of the foot was categorized as a RFS, initial contact made with the middle third was categorized as a MFS, and initial contact made with the anterior third was categorized as a FFS.
Quantification of the path of center of pressure (COP) using an F-scan in-shoe transducer.
It is also the base of lift, which allows evaluating postural balance through the analysis of the plantar center of pressure.
Long, aerodynamic bullets with sleek ogives and generous boattails have their centers of gravity farther rearward in relation to their center of pressure than do shorter, blockier bullets.
Foot pressure and center of pressure in athletes with ankle instability during lateral shuffling and running gait.
Any drag on the front of the arrow makes it less stable and less accurate because it moves the Center of Pressure further back on the arrow.
The midsole uses dual density 3D counter balance for medial support that helps guard against pronation and turns the Infinity into a neutral shoe that keeps you on the center of pressure.
To maintain stability at high speeds, students at the school optimized the geometry of the undertray to ensure the center of pressure was near the center of gravity.

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