Centerfire cartridge

Cen´ter`fire` car´tridge

1.See under Cartridge.
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22 Hornet was an immediate success, gaining ground as a light-recoiling centerfire cartridge that was thought to be ideal for moderate-range varmint and predator hunting.
25 caliber centerfire cartridge to make use of the rifle.
No centerfire cartridge would be good to fire indoors.
And the ability to add interchangeable barrels allows the rifle to be transformed into a muzzleloader, a shotgun, or other centerfire cartridge configurations.
44 WCF did not come out until 1873 for the new Winchester 1873 rifle, was loaded with 40 grains of powder and was the first centerfire cartridge for the Winchester Repeating Arms Company.
The M4 was a bolt-action, magazine-fed rifle that used the upper tubular receiver and bolt from H&R's Model 625 rifle modified for a centerfire cartridge.
It was touted as being the fastest rimfire in the world and offering the downrange performance of a centerfire cartridge and "pinpoint accuracy and devastating performance at ranges well past 200 yards.
Some will argue that a trail gun should be chambered in a powerful centerfire cartridge in case it's needed for defense against bears or two-legged predators, and that's a valid point.
So I cleaned the barrel--like I would have done a bit sooner with any new barrel chambered to a centerfire cartridge.
He can quote ballistic tables for every centerfire cartridge produced since the Hoover Administration.
22 to a more available centerfire cartridge and if so, what would the new caliber be?