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Noun1.Central Africa - a landlocked country in central AfricaCentral Africa - a landlocked country in central Africa; formerly under French control; became independent in 1960
Bangui, capital of Central Africa - the capital and largest city of the Central African Republic
Africa - the second largest continent; located to the south of Europe and bordered to the west by the South Atlantic and to the east by the Indian Ocean
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África Central
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"An Outpost of Progress" is the lightest part of the loot I carried off from Central Africa, the main portion being of course "The Heart of Darkness." Other men have found a lot of quite different things there and I have the comfortable conviction that what I took would not have been of much use to anybody else.
He was like the explorer in Central Africa who comes suddenly upon wide uplands, with great trees in them and stretches of meadow, so that he might fancy himself in an English park.
When Atlantis, with all her mighty cities and her cultivated fields and her great commerce and culture and riches sank into the sea long ages since, she took with her all but a handful of her colonists working the vast gold mines of Central Africa. From these and their degraded slaves and a later intermixture of the blood of the anthropoids sprung the gnarled men of Opar; but by some queer freak of fate, aided by natural selection, the old Atlantean strain had remained pure and undegraded in the females descended from a single princess of the royal house of Atlantis who had been in Opar at the time of the great catastrophe.
Fortune favored her that night, for she passed unscathed through as savage and lion-ridden an area as there is in all Africa--a natural hunting ground which the white man has not yet discovered, where deer and antelope and zebra, giraffe and elephant, buffalo, rhinoceros, and the other herbivorous animals of central Africa abound unmolested by none but their natural enemies, the great cats which, lured here by easy prey and immunity from the rifles of big-game hunters, swarm the district.
Here I was, somewhere in central England, just as ignorant of localities as if I had been suddenly deposited in Central Africa. My lively fancy revelled in the new sensation.
Whoever pushes into Central Africa will still hear the beat of the wooden drum, which is the clattering sign-language of the natives.
Morison Baynes of central Africa it were difficult to guess.
I am writing as if I had been among the inhabitants of central Africa: Banda Oriental would not be flattered by the comparison; but such were my feelings at the time.
Haven't talked Punjabi for three months--and a Punjabi from Central Africa ought to be amusin'."
A stray Brown from some distant county dropped in every now and then; or from Oxford, on grave nag, an old don, contemporary of the Squire; and were looked upon by the Brown household and the villagers with the same sort of feeling with which we now regard a man who has crossed the Rocky Mountains, or launched a boat on the Great Lake in Central Africa. The White Horse Vale, remember, was traversed by no great road-- nothing but country parish roads, and these very bad.
Conceive the tale of London which a negro, fresh from Central Africa, would take back to his tribe!
President Paul Kagame yesterday inaugurated the Adventist School of Medicine of East-Central Africa-ASOME at the Adventist University of Central Africa (AUCA) and lauded the Adventist Church for contribution to the development of the country.

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