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Noun1.Central American nation - any one of the countries occupying Central America; these countries (except for Belize and Costa Rica) are characterized by low per capita income and unstable governments
North American country, North American nation - any country on the North American continent
Central America - the isthmus joining North America and South America; extends from the southern border of Mexico to the northern border of Colombia
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Five representatives from each Central American nation received basic training in safety practices, personal protection equipment, structural and wildland fires, aircraft fires, vehicle extrication and helicopter familiarization.
Bonilla's husband, Porfirio Lobo, was elected president of the Central American nation in late 2009 after a military coup ousted then-President Manuel Zelaya, and he served until 2014.
El Salvador's new president has touted a rare day without a homicide in this small but violent Central American nation.
In addition to visiting government organizations, the delegation from the Central American nation will also make tours to a number of non-profit organizations, schools, and museums as part of the trip to gain an understanding of the cultural, economic, and political aspects of Taiwan.
Summary: San Jose [Costa Rica], Mar 9 (ANI): India and Costa Rica signed two documents during Vice President Venkaiah Naidu's first visit to the Central American nation from March 7 to March 9, 2019.
The Central American nation abolished its army in 1949, channelling its savings from defence spending towards education, health care and social security.
Brazil take on the central American nation in Maryland in the early hours of Wednesday morning, and the Selecao coach Tite is expected to make several changes to the team that beat the United States 2-0 last week.
This has happened to other nations before, we just have to draw the right conclusions and make it better, he added.Germany went into the match level with Sweden on three points and needed to beat South Korea by two goals, then pray that Mexico do them a few favours against Sweden to stand a chance of reaching the last 16.But Sweden stunned Mexico 3-0 to jump to the top of the group ahead of the central American nation on goal difference as both teams qualified for the last 16.
England will guarantee their progress to the knockout stage with victory over the Central American nation, who would also be eliminated.
MANY Panama players have been scarred by the killings and drug wars that blight the tiny Central American nation and dream of moves to Europe.
From the Vatican, Pope Francis said he was "very worried" about the situation in the Central American nation and joined local bishops in seeking an end to all violence.
When it comes to long working hours, South Korea is second among OECD member countries after Mexico with 2,124 hours a year, slightly behind the Central American nation's 2,228 and well above the average 1,770 of the rich country club.

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