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Cor·dil·le·ra Cen·tral

 (kôr′dĭl-yĕr′ə sĕn-träl′, -dē-yĕ′rä)
1. A discontinuous series of mountain ranges in the northern Andes between the Cordillera Occidental and the Cordillera Oriental.
2. A mountain range of central Dominican Republic.
3. A mountain range of northern Luzon, Philippines.
4. A mountain range of south-central Puerto Rico.
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Cor•di•lle•ra Cen•tral

(ˌkɔr ðiˈyɛ rɑ sɛnˈtrɑl)
1. a mountain range in Colombia: part of the Andes. Highest peak, Huila, 18,700 ft. (5700 m).
2. a mountain range in the Dominican Republic. Highest peak, 10,414 ft. (3174 m).
3. a mountain range in N Peru, E of the Marañón River: part of the Andes.
4. a mountain range in Luzon, Philippines. Highest peak, 9606 ft. (2928 m).
5. a mountain range in central Puerto Rico. Highest peak, 4389 ft. (1338 m).
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Workers toiled for more than a year to erect and strengthen fallen transmission lines across the central mountains and to install millions of miles of power lines to connect homes to the grid.
He wanted to beat Montgomery to Messina, and he wasn't going to do it "protecting Monty's left flank" through the central mountains of Sicily.
Popular hiking routes include: Section 2 of North of Central Mountains, Chilai mountain range, Nenggao-Andongjun Trail, Third Section of South of Central Mountains, Mabolasih Hiking Route, Batongguan Historic Trail, and Sinkang Mountain Hiking Route.
Tamarack Resort is located in the West Central Mountains, 90 miles north of Boise, Idaho.
Last week, in the central mountains of Thailand, I watched a young man climb coconut palms with just a rope and machete, trimming away what was needed to ensure they thrive and continue to provide a bounty.
McCall wants to inspire high-salary San Francisco and Seattle residents to do their remote jobs from the West Central Mountains.<br />A Facebook advertising campaign starting in the first week or two of August will encourage people who work at certain large tech companies, such as Amazon or Oracle, to consider moving to McCall, said Andrew Mentzer, executive director of the West Central Mountains Economic Development Council.<br />"We want to attract people with equity in homes and good paying jobs," he said.<br />The Idaho Travel Council is paying $3,000 toward the campaign.<br />"We want to get people to stay here three or four days from those markets," Mentzer said.
Since the hurricane tore from the island's southeast corner though the central mountains and out the northwest coast six months ago, several communities near Cayey remain without power.
As you examine craters larger than these, notice how features that characterize the full "Tycho" morphology--terraced walls, large central mountains, and a broad flat floor--become more commonplace.
Police in Puerto Rico said a 75-year-old man died in the central mountains area.
The Italian geological institute said some 1,332 aftershocks have hit Italy's central mountains since Wednesday's predawn 6.2 magnitude quake
The Philippine Lily is an endangered flower that thrives only in the high altitudes of the Cordillera Central Mountains while the Ilang-Ilang of Luzon is treasured for its striking splendor and exceptionally delicate scent.

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