Central Park

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Central Park

An extensive recreational area of New York City extending north to south in central Manhattan. The land, acquired in 1856, was developed according to plans drawn up by the landscape architects Frederick Law Olmsted and Calvert Vaux.

Cen′tral Park′

a public park in central Manhattan, New York City. 840 acres (340 hectares).
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Noun1.Central Park - a large park in ManhattanCentral Park - a large park in Manhattan    
Manhattan - one of the five boroughs of New York City
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But it is to be doubted whether any one liked reading them so much as he liked writing them--say, some time in the years 1893 and 1894, in a New York flat, where he could look from his lofty windows over two miles and a half of woodland in Central Park, and halloo his fancy wherever he chose in that faery realm of books which he re-entered in reminiscences perhaps too fond at times, and perhaps always too eager for the reader's following.
Small children's air-balloons of the latest model attached to string became a serious check to the pedestrian in Central Park.
Below, every point of vantage bristled with spectators, the roofs of the towering buildings, the public squares, the active ferry boats, and every favourable street intersection had its crowds: all the river piers were dense with people, the Battery Park was solid black with east-side population, and every position of advantage in Central Park and along Riverside Drive had its peculiar and characteristic assembly from the adjacent streets.
He had always admired the high and mighty old lady, who, in spite of having been only Catherine Spicer of Staten Island, with a father mysteriously discredited, and neither money nor position enough to make people forget it, had allied herself with the head of the wealthy Mingott line, married two of her daughters to "foreigners" (an Italian marquis and an English banker), and put the crowning touch to her audacities by building a large house of pale cream-coloured stone (when brown sandstone seemed as much the only wear as a frock-coat in the afternoon) in an inaccessible wilderness near the Central Park.
Joe was enthusiastic about some morning-effect sketches he was doing in Central Park, and Delia packed him off breakfasted, coddled, praised and kissed at 7 o'clock.
Here was an island with only a handful of people in it--25,000--and yet such fine roads do not exist in the United States outside of Central Park.
After he retired from the Custom House, his tall, stalwart figure could be seen almost daily tramping through the Fort George district or Central Park, his roving inclination leading him to obtain as much out-door life as possible.
EST from 77th Street and Central Park West with an estimated 3.
Eastern Consolidated has arranged leases for two retail condo spaces at the base of a luxury residential condominium building at 111 Central Park North overlooking Central Park.
Central Park also contains evidence of at least three species of turtles, frogs, and dragonflies.
THE manager of New York''s Central Park will visit the Merseyside park which inspired its design.
NEW YORK -- New York's famed Central Park saw a different kind of green Tuesday when a hedge fund billionaire made a $100-million donation, said to be the largest gift to a park of all time.

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